Doom Now Supports Private Lobbies And Brings Deathmatch To Multiplayer

Bethesda just updated their main blog page to announce that Doom now supports Private Lobbies and sports classic Deathmatch in its multiplayer options. id Software’s Doom is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the update blog, Free Update #3 includes the ability to customize matches by selecting the maps and modes you want, while adjusting game features like the time limit, score limit, or if you want to play with or without Demon Runes.

Speaking of playing with or without Demon Runes, the new mode that is a classic staple in any other FPS/TPS game eliminates the feature altogether as noted below:

“Deathmatch is now available as part of DOOM’s Free Update #3! The free-for-all multiplayer mode has been one of the top requests from DOOM fans, and today we’re happy to make it a reality. As you may have seen during the Deathmatch gameplay premiere on the Xbox livestream, Deathmatch is a hectic mode that forgoes the comforts of team-based combat. Players must rely solely on their own individual skill to come out on top, with no teammates or Demon Runes to help them out.”

The Free Update #3 also brings much more to the base game, which you can check out below in the official trailer that Bethesda Softworks posted.

Those who feel that SnapMap is neglected will find the following features in the update noted in the bulleted list:

  • Improved general stability
  • Undo/Redo no longer creates memory drops
  • Anonymous players now are counted correctly in the map play counts
  • Browser sorting and empty browser are improved
  • Weapon switch now has proper key bindings
  • Empty Containers can now be picked up
  • “Weapons On Pick Up logic” works when set to “On Touched”
  • Clients are now stopped by Player Blocking Volumes
  • Locked doors now properly display a “Locked” message
  • Skull keys can be added and removed from Inventory
  • Added “Manage by AI Conductor” setting to property settings of AI
  • Ammo gained from picking up weapons works properly in all cases
  • Powercore spawns properly when spawned at map start
  • Lost Souls work properly with AI Path points
  • Give Armor works properly in all conditions.

Lastly, another update will bring forth a brand new Arcade Mode to Doom’s SP (single player) campaign and is set to drop sometime this Fall. You can learn more about this update by heading on over to


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