Dragon Quest Builders Western Demo Now Available To Play On PS4 And PS Vita

Finally, it seemed like a playable demo for Dragon Quest Builders wouldn’t hit the scene for nothing. But, if you are like me and seek to play the demo for the Minecraft-like take on the Dragon Quest’s universe, you will be able play the game’s demo on PS4 and PS Vita starting today. Dragon Quest Builders is set to drop on October 11th for North America, and on October 14th in Europe.

The downloadable demo for both the PS4 and PS Vita are now up via the PlayStation Store. Folks eager to play shouldn’t have to wait like some demos that take a while to show up in the PlayStation Store, which means that you can start playing Dragon Quest Builders, depending on your region.

The demo doesn’t spoil too much content, but it does cover the introductory chapter of the game. The introductory covers the restoration segment of the main town, battling hordes of monsters, quests and exploration of the large island.

I’m not sure how much exploration will be present in the demo, however like most demos that let you explore stuff I’m sure there will be a lot to discover. And seeing how the game provides materials to snatch up, you’ll most likely be able to build a bevy amount of stuff.

Although Dragon Quest Builders is literally like Minecraft with a story, the game holds some fun looking aspects to it. One thing that I like the most about this game is that it holds a lot of alternate things for players to do. You can either follow the story, travel and explore, build things spontaneously, or take up different quests.

With that said, Dragon Quest Builders‘ demo is out now for PS4 and PS Vita via the PlayStation store. The official version of Dragon Quest Builders is set to debut on October 11th for North America, and on October 14th in Europe.

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