Eisenwald: Blood Of November Seeks Funds On Kickstarter

The Duke of Eisenwald has passed and two factions are battling it out to put their own liege in the seat to rule Eisenwald. Who will win in the game of thrones? Oops… I mean, who will take control as the new duke. The iron throne is a completely different property, but the theme of diplomacy, war, lots of violence and a little bit of backstabbing is still present.

Some of you might remember the original Legends of Eisenwald from nearly five years ago. Back then developers Aterdux Entertainment were seeking funds to bring the turn-based, kingdom management game to life, giving fans of titles like Lords of the Realm something juicy to sink their strategy-drenched fingers into.

For Eisenwald: Blood of November, the game puts players back into the low-fantasy medieval universe set within a sandbox playing field. The Kickstarter pitch video can be viewed below.

While the pitch video doesn’t do much to give you a real scope of the gameplay, the Kickstarter page does explain that this new game takes the world of Eisenwald from a new angle. Random events help fill out the content, along with a brand new experimental quest system that evolves and changes based on the decisions and play-style of the player. That sounds kind of cool actually.

The Eisenwald: Blood of November standalone will offer games 6 – 10 hours of gameplay for $9.99. The original Legends of Eisenwal is still up and available from Steam, GOG and other participating digital distributors. If you want to learn more about the low-fantasy medieval adventure you can check out the original release trailer below for the main game or you can pay a kind visit to the Kickstarter page to back the new game.

If you want, you can also pick up a copy of the original Legends of Eisenwald by visiting the official Aterdux Entertainment website.


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