Event[0], Retro Sci-Fi Exploration Game Launches For PC

Lately we’ve been receiving some interesting exploration and philosophically oriented games set within sci-fi universes. There’s been Obduction, The Turing Test and SOMA, along with the VR-centric exploration game, The Assembly. Well, if you’ve been enjoying all these thought-provoking interactive experiences from mid-budget developers, you’ll likely want to check out Event[0] from the Paris-based development studio, Ocelot Society.

The narrative-driven sci-fi title recently became available for purchase on Steam, Humble Store, GOG.com, Itch.io and Games Republic.

The title features a unique take on storytelling, with playings having to interact with a computer AI that has more than two million different responses built into its memory matrix, enabling gamers to use a unique means of communication with the terminals sprinkled throughout Event[0] to get help from the emotionally unbalanced AI named Kaizen.

You can briefly see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

Sergey Mohov, a founding partner and game designer at Ocelot Society commented in the press release about their vision for Event[0] saying…

“We’re extremely proud and excited about our game launch as it’s been a true labor of love from our small team for over a year now and we’ve poured everything into it,”


“What started off as a student project turned into a full game that we’re fortunate to have caught the eye of The Indie Fund to help realize our vision. Event[0] is all about self-expression through dialogue and unique experiences so it will be rewarding to see how players receive and interact with Kaizen in their quest to make it back home alive to Earth.”

I’m actually curious to see how this game plays out as well. I’m sure the Let’s Plays will be fairly interesting to watch.

And props to Ocelot Society for at least taking a different approach to the first-person exploration genre, giving gamers something wildly different to utilize within the game world in order to figure out ways to achieve success.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for $19.99 from participating distributors, including Steam and GOG.com.


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