Fallout 4 Mods Add New Vault Quest, CBBE Outfits And More

Xbox One and PC folks looking for some new Fallout 4 mods to fiddle around with will be delighted in Ex0dus13, DizzasterJuice, M66rten, and Raznek34 mods. These mods add a new story quest revolving around an old church, while the other mods add CBBE outfits, Shadmans’ slooty comics, and an option to skip Nuka-World Settlement raiding.

The first mod up is by Ex0dus13. Bringing four new areas to explore that consist of a marsh, church, cave and Vault, folks will also find extra gameplay elements in this mod, too.

“NVIDIA’s Vault 1080 mod leads you through a foggy, murky marsh to the ruins of an old church. Bright shafts of light guide you through the shadows to Vault 1080, which contains three large levels of buried secrets and hidden horrors. Uncover the story of a misguided congregation that embraced darkness and sickness in order to survive, and judge for yourself whether monsters deserve salvation.”

As seen above in the header picture, the new quest-line is available right now by going to NexusMods.

The next mod is by modder DizzasterJuice, who brings ARES armor or Android armor adapted for humans. This CBBE outfit brings typical body-slide options and other applicable body manipulators in Outfit Studio. The outfits can be found inside a cave under Red Rocket – Mole Rat Den, as seen below.



You can get this mod over at NexusMods.

Shadmans’ dirty comic books are very popular among wastelanders. Nearly every week his “Taboo Tattoos” are always in the top three most downloaded mods, and this time around is no exception.


If you want to cut some slack and hit the pages, a new bundle of Shadmans’ comic books are out now over on NexusMods.

The next and last mod up is by Raznek34, and I’m sure many people playing the game came across that annoying segment “Home Sweet Home”, where raiding previously owned Settlements is a must to progress onward in the story. Well, if you hated it as much as everyone else there’s a new mod that allows you to skip that part to enjoy the rest of Nuka-World. You can get the mod over on NexusMods.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Those who are on Xbox One and are looking for any of the mods above can hit up mods.bethesda.net to see if they have been uploaded.


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