For Honor Alpha Gameplay Footage Reveals Match Types, PvP, Executions

Alpha gameplay footage has begun to emerge for Ubisoft’s sword and shield title, For Honor. The game’s alpha test officially got underway this past week and now people are posting up their gameplay to give others a look at what the title features.

IGN had a five minute gameplay session taking on the role of a Viking warrior as he storms through the areas, cutting down all who stand in his way. Teamwork becomes essential as multiple players can make or break an encounter. Technique, timing and counter attacks can also completely alter the outcome of a match. We see the Viking break through the guard of another player and toss him into an endless pit. You can check out the video below.

It appears to be a 4-vs-4 match, which is one of the multiple modes available in the alpha test for For Honor.

The animations look good and the combat is very gritty and grimy. It’s like a more realistic (but not too much) version of Dynasty Warriors. The big difference is that there’s a much stronger focus on counter-attacks, blocking and tactical melee gameplay compared to Koei’s popular Musou series.

UpUpDownDown also posted up 20 minutes worth of gameplay footage, featuring a look at the game’s one-on-one duel mode, along with the practice mode that walks gamers through the basics. There’s kind of a lot to take in at first but I can see For Honor being a highly competitive game for higher skilled players. Check out the footage below.

Yeah, he’s trash at For Honor… but it’s one of the few videos where we get uncut footage of a gameplay session where you get to see how battles organically unfold. I really like that once all the bases are taken over there’s one last hurray for the losing team in a sudden death-style fight for victory, it’s very similar to the earlier Battlefield games or Pandemic’s Star Wars: Battlefront games.

The For Honor alpha test is still ongoing so expect to see more footage pop up on YouTube over the weekend. Ubisoft has plans on launching the game on February 14th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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