Furious Jack: Shank-Style Beat’em Up Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Developers Forgingames is a small indie team that has recently made their way to the gaming scene. Their new game project they are working on is called Furious Jack, a stylized 2D, side-scrolling beat’em up that looks like it was inspired by popular beat’em up game, Shank.

The above image in the header is the art style they are going with for Furious Jack, the actual game looks pretty similar, but in a zoomed out side-scrolling perspective. The first thing that will probably grab your attention, is how smooth the characters move with their animations and the amount of detail they put into the characters and environment.

The story itself will play out in the form of an animated comic, with detailed artwork to carry the narrative forward.

The developers say that Furious Jack will have about 10 hand crafted stages for you to play through, a variety of weapons ranging from guns, to knives and swords to brutally dispatch your enemies, as well as devastating hand to hand combat as Furious Jack pummels his enemies into a literal bloody pulp. The developers released a series of videos on their YouTube channel showcasing what the game is like, so I linked the video below. Check it out.

So when will Furious Jack launch? Well, at the moment they are still finishing up the game and they need a bit more money before they can release the game to the public, but they are aiming for a Fall of 2017 release date.

The development team at Forgingames, currently has a Kickstarter campaign going that they have recently launch to gain the funds they need to add in additional content, so if you are interested in supporting them you can follow the provided link.

The team also has a Steam Greenlight Concept page up so you can check out the game there to learn more or and follow its development progress. Furious Jack is also planned to launch for all major gaming platforms, such as PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Last but not least, make sure to visit their Official Website to stay up to date with news and announcements and to learn more about Furious Jack.


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