#GamerGate Never Harassed Anita Sarkeesian, According To Crash Override Network
(Last Updated On: September 15, 2016)

Part of the leaked contents of Crash Override Network included both Skype chat logs and Trello cards. According to former member of Crash Override Network, Ian Miles Cheong, they didn’t use Trello for long because they preferred Stack, but it was a project cooked up by one of the co-founders of Crash Override Network, Alex Lifschitz.

One part of the Trello leaks centered around profiles for various individuals involved in the #GamerGate scandal. The Crash Override Network group kept the cards as a way to document the harassment various individuals received. However, when it came to Anita Sarkeesian, the card was blank.

[Update: For reference, Feminist Frequency is a financial backer and paid sponsor for Crash Override Network, as evidenced on the site.]

The surprisingly barren entry was created on December 21st, 2014 well after dozens of outlets all reported and claimed that Sarkeesian had been the victim of harassment at the tweets, posts, and mean comments of #GamerGate. It doesn’t include the harasser that #Gamergate outed and caught, Mateus Prado Sousa, but that didn’t stop the media from placing the blame on #GamerGate.

On October 17th, 2014 the Rolling Stone claimed…

“Sarkeesian has been treated like Public Enemy Number One by a reactionary community of hardcore gamers who’ve gathered under the “#GamerGate” hashtag. Under the guise of pushing for journalistic reform and anti-censorship in gaming, GamerGate has targeted prominent women critics and designers like Sarkeesian, Zoë Quinn, Brianna Wu and Leigh Alexander with a relentless campaign of threats and harassment.”

So either The Rolling Stone has evidence of harassment that CON failed to cite, or CON couldn’t cite the harassment from #GamerGate because there was none?

On October 17th, 2014, Taylor Wofford at Newsweek wrote…

“The seriousness of the threats leveled against Sarkeesian, and her steadfast reaction to them in recent weeks, have made her an unofficial spokeswoman for those trying to improve the representation of women in gaming.”

They mentioned that a speaking engagement at a Utah university was canceled due to threats, but none of the articles seem to be able to cite any evidence that it had anything whatsoever to do with #GamerGate.

Rich McCormick from The Verge wrote on October 30th, 2014

“Ostensibly a “consumer revolt” focused on ethics in video game journalism, Gamergate has been criticized for focusing much of its attention on harassing and threatening prominent women in the gaming industry, with Sarkeesian herself the focus of much of the vitriol.”

Again, The Verge has no citations on the claims of harassment. They provide no evidence and they link to no substantial sources.

Eliana Dockterman from Time wrote on October 16th, 2014

“Around the same time Quinn came under attack, #GamerGate participants began harassing Anita Sarkeesian, a prominent feminist critic who speaks about women’s roles in video game plots and game development. Sarkeesian hosts a show called “Feminist Frequency” on YouTube.”

Dockterman claims #GamerGate participants began to harass Anita Sarkeesian, but no one has been able to link to this harassment. Others like the New York Times and the Huffington Post also make these claims but neither of the two seem to be able to point out where in the vast sea of the internet that these attacks actually occurred?

I asked former member of Crash Override Network, Ian Miles Cheong, if there were any recorded documents or instances of #GamerGate harassing Anita Sarkeesian, he responded by saying…

“That’s a good question. We did not find any evidence of harassment against her.”

He did later state that his team at Gameranx were doxed, however, due to a rogue imageboard group on the chans known as Baphomet, saying…

“There were real instances of harassment by Baphomet, who weren’t #gamergate supporters and were responsible for doxing both sides as well as game journalists. My team got doxed.”

Crash Override Network did have a lengthy list of what they considered to be harassment aimed toward Zoe Quinn. Quinn’s card from the Trello leaks is shown below.

As you can see, the list contains a number of links and citations to what Crash Override Network considered to be harassment against the co-fonder of the organization, Zoe Quinn. They had no links or citations for Anita Sarkeesian. The full dump can be viewed here, where they had extensive dossiers on Twitter users Chobitcoin, Mike Cernovich, and RogueStarGames to name a few.

This fits in line with Newsweek’s own statistical reading of #GamerGate via Brandwatch, which showed that out of 2 million tweets measured between September 1st, 2014 and October 23rd, 2014, the negative tweets directed at Sarkeesian only made up approximately 4% of all the tweets she received during that time from #GamerGate; an estimated 2% of all those tweets were positive and 94% of the tweets were neutral.

According to WAM!, their peer reviewed readings of the #GamerGate hashtag came out with similar results, with only 0.65% of the people on the #GamerGate autoblocker list having been reported for harassment, according to Techraptor.

Essentially, all the statistical data and even the anti-abuse efforts by Crash Override Network have revealed that #GamerGate did not maintain a harassment campaign against Anita Sarkeesian. I attempted to reach out to Sarkeesian for comment but I’m blocked on Twitter.

(Main image courtesy of Paolo Munoz)

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  • Lars “THE NIGGA” Rodriguez

    I’m not surprised, these are the same people who defended a pedophile tooth and nail.

  • discusser

    SJWs always lie. It’s a tragedy that they control almost all institutions and it’s rapidly becoming illegal to question them.

    • About a decade ago when SJWs were busy working behind the scenes getting everything ready, normal people in their spare time were too busy watching shit like X-Factor and seeing what their favourite celebrity had for dinner.

      Men and boys were too busy watching sports, looking up porn and playing video games.

      There were obvious clues back then that the mainstream media and academia were turning into extreme left-wing SJWs, but people ignored them.

      When they saw a glimpse of radical SJW-feminism doing retarded things, we were told to: “just ignore them and they’ll go away”. If we persisted in trying to warn them, we were called ‘conspiracy theorists’ or just told to fuck off.

      Look at what the West and Europe has become now. A fucking cesspit of SJWs, feminists and race-baiters running the show.

      Very similar situation to Alex Jones from Infowars. He has always been making the point about the corrupt globalist establishment for years, but he was always outright dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theorist. But if you take a look at what is happening now in the Western, European and some Eastern politics and how mainstream media is acting, he’s actually got it spot on.

      • Mr.Towel

        Indeed. This SJW thing started back at the 60 and 70, but remained closed to only a select few researchers at the Academia. Through the 80s it had already spread to professors, and from the 90 and early 2000 these professors slowly indoctrinated its students with propaganda speak. And now we’re here: hordes of college age students getting triggered by the slightest move and asking for the blood of anyone who doesn’t fit minority groups.

        • This is it. I’ve been following the SJWs/feminists/minority situation for almost 6 years now, and what is happening now in academia, colleges and universities is disgusting.

          I was already on the case even before GamerGate happened, and before the term ‘SJW’ became a thing.

          You can blame the SJW students, but the REAL utter fucking scumbags are the so-called “professors” that teach and indoctrinate this bullshit.

          To eradicate Social Justice, the first thing that should be tackled are the professors in academia. Kick them all out.

  • Tom

    I’m sorry but how can anyone suggest a bastion of journalistic integrity like rolling stone would not check its sources is beyond me. Remember people listen and believe because feminist don’t need no man or facts or the truth or any other construct’s of the patriarchy.

    • Alistair

      The thing is that wrong about regression left feminists this also apply to the male ones in the job place is their close minded stupidity.

      While other websites like One angry gamer and niche gamer and that hentai one lewd gamer are open minded like me, and other gamers.

      I have no problem recommend you some niche echhi titles unfortunately the regression lefists SJWs doesn’t give sqat what i like to played.

      A good example is dead or alive 3 extreme doing the rounds by unethnic journalists by saying its sexual assault game a open minded person would see its actually fictional then reality.

  • Alistair

    So as of today, it either CON is saying Antia wasnt harrash by the gamergate that ratcher cool or they be rather sarcasm about it.

    If the heading says this Anita was harrash by gamergate we wouldn’t hear none of it they get their teeth into us “You see this we are right they nothing but bullies”.

    But the highlight for me billy is this anita had be made public number 1 by the hardcore “Gamers” Community also went on to say GG are for journalism ethics and my favorite Anti-censorship commted by rolling stone.

    Holy shit, so Gamers does exsit they not dead, and ethics and anti-Censorship was a factor for GG.
    But then back to the topic at hand about CON doesn’t think anita was bullied by GG But rolling stone belive other wise and CON want to drive a wench between us.

    I think having anita was harash by GG Would be more damaging though.

    • I honestly think CON WANTED to find harassment committed by #GamerGate against Sarkeesian, but keep in mind that the GG Harassment Patrol made sure that people using the tag for ill-purposes were quickly reported and banned/suspended.

      During that time the tag was kept exceptionally clean thanks to tone policing. I know a lot of the channers hate the whole “ethics cuck” and “tone policing” mentality, but in a way that did help the image of GG and in the end it meant that CON had little or nothing in the way to fall back on in regards to evidence of harassment against Sarkeesian. What’s brilliant about it is that NO Wiki reliable source could ever report on this because it would completely destroy their narrative.

      • Agreed.

        I admit I’ve been guilty of criticising GamerGate for being too soft, but keeping the hashtag clean back then has actually worked wonders for the movement, because like you say, it meant that Anti-GG/SJWs had almost nothing to go on.


    I never saw the point in “harassing” Anita. I wasn’t forced to watch her videos, and based on the parts that I saw, I had no desire to watch them of my own accord.

    “Harassing” her only gives her attention, so that’s another reason why Gamergate did nothing more than criticize and mock Anita whenever her and Josh said something pants-on-head retarded (which was often).

    If anything, it was “harassment” (heavy emphasis on the quote marks here) from the chans that brought her to the public eye and boosted her Tropes Kickstarter. (It’s been theorized that Anita spammed the chans on purpose to spur a negative reaction that she could spin as publicity for her Kickstarter)

    So in the end, it never made sense for people to accuse Gamergate of “going after” her. The only ones who would benefit would be Anita, and fattening her wallet is the last thing we want.

  • Gorgon

    >I attempted to reach out to Sarkeesian for comment but I’m blocked on Twitter.


  • Mykeru

    If you only draw one lesson from Gamergate it’s the Overton window. They will move as quickly and aggressively as possible to position themselves as the victim because it’s a power-up that gives them dominance over the whole debate. Don’t apologise or back-down, just strike because they got nothing.

  • Calem

    Fuck being blocked. There are other ways to contact them, use those.

    • They never responded to any of the e-mail requests either.

      • C G Saturation

        They probably can’t read. Would partially explain their BS.

      • Alistair

        They probably put it under spam and easily forgot about it billy.

        I havent send a tweet about the con leaks on twitter yet but if what people are saying i too get the auto block then i shall test it later i got new ipad air 2 but my log on never carry over to that some games did other 2 didnt not.

        Dam apple why Why.

        Edit: i wouldn’t cry if they did block/Banned me they do me a big favor. lol 😀

  • Hendrik Vanderstijn

    Remember when gamergate was kicking off and suddenly an article was published on polygon about anita sarkeesian getting a bomb threat almost a year before? I guess her pr manager worked pretty hard at getting her inserted into the current controversy. It got her near to a half a million in donations according to feminist frequency’s published financials, so it worked out quite well for her.

    • Michael Marquardt

      Ant that’s all this is. These people have found a way to turn victimization into profit, so they need to keep their donors convinced they are under attack. If there was no threat, there would be no donations.

  • Hawk Hopper

    CON couldn’t find FemFreq being harassed by GamerGate, so I’m wondering what those screenshots under the Zoe Quinn show. Are they actual death threats or just things that rustle the jimmies of hyper-sensitives?

    • Very curious about that, too. Evidence of harassment being made public would really help verify whether or not certain claims are true.

      • Hawk Hopper

        All evidence is locked away in the deepest confines of the UN cyber violence department.

        • And apparently the Cyber Violence Department is more dangerous thanks to loose cannons like Pepe than the Patriarchy’s Red Pill Terrorism Organization.

  • No idea why but Disqus auto-flagged your comment. Anyway, the only form of harassment they’ve ever been able to point to was the Kevin Dobson and Chatter Whitterman (or whatever their names were) the two temp accounts that were obviously made for the purpose of harassment before being conveniently deleted. It’s really something that over the course of two years and the only thing they can point to are sockpuppet accounts.

  • C G Saturation

    Merely seeing her face harasses me. I can’t stand it, it makes me feel sick.

    Off-topic news: leaks reportedly show Obummer has been accepting huge amounts of cash to put people in cozy positions. The corruption never ends.

    • Yeah I’ve been looking through the docs but haven’t come across that one yet. I was planning on doing something about that.

      • C G Saturation

        It really goes to show just how f’d up everything is now.

    • durka durka

      this is no different than the republicans but you propably are one of them so you dont believe that the right can do the things that the incompetent left learned from the right.

      • Mr.Towel

        You know that two wrongs don’t make a right, don’t you?

      • C G Saturation

        Did I say I was on either side? Way to jump to conclusions, ironically in an article about a master of jumping to conclusions.

        Here’s a tip: reality doesn’t consist of black and white, left and right. I don’t care who is part of what group, if you’re an asshole doing asshole things, you’re an asshole.

        This is why people don’t like to talk to Westerners, they’re so up themselves that they think everyone else is an idiot before anyone gets a chance to even say anything.

      • Michael Marquardt

        You talk about republicans like they are one unified group. There are plenty of different republican groups. Sargon of Akkad did an excellent video on how the regressive left has become the religious right. Do yourself a favor and learn the difference between the neo-conservatives, the christian right, the alt-right and the tea-partiers to name a few.

      • Neocons were originally Democrats. The fools should have executed them on the lawn, not let them in!

  • scemar

    none of those feminists got “harassed” as it was defined before 2014, ever, they had to redefine it so in 2016 any mean mention can be classified as harassment

    the anti sjw side never really protests for the sjw side to not show up or talk, on the contrary, it always wants to have a debate, because that’s where they wreck them

    it is only after the sjw become jerks that other people start to troll them out of spite and for fun, and it’s still never really a campaign to silence or any nonsense like that, they are the ones that actually do that

    it’s been said many times, anita is a con artist, and she cried harassment to make the money flow her way and get fame

    the evidence of absence of evidence of harassment is yet another indication of that being the case

  • I think we’ve all known this for a long time, and finally having the evidence to back up our side would be a good thing. Though I don;t think any of them would consider this evidence that they were wrong. Instead I would have preferred a huge list of links, with times, dates and names that we could actively refute rather than open a bag and say, “clearly nothing was stolen because the bag is empty”.

    I’m not one to listen and believe, but I do think that Anita did suffer some harassment, and it would have been nice to have had the proof that it wasn’t us doing it, rather than lack of anything at all.

    • I do think that Anita did suffer some harassment, and it would have been nice to have had the proof that it wasn’t us doing it, rather than lack of anything at all.

      She was harassed during that time. The only evidence is this one here.


      But it makes no mention of #GamerGate and it was created and deleted shortly after making those tweets. It’s been the only documented evidence of harassment anyone has been able to find, outside of that one involving the Brazilian clickbait journalist that #GamerGate caught.

      • So the tweets she kept (keeps) showing at her talks don’t count as harassment as far as CON is concerned? So to them harassment isn’t “the day to day grind of being called a liar, you suck”? Interesting…

        • This was in December of 2014, and mostly looking at #Gamergate related material, so whatever harassment she received thereafter or from other sources may have been documented in another dossier.

          • This was a part of what I was getting at, lack of evidence isn’t strictly evidence against. At least if we had other possible collections of her harassment, we would be able to tackle it all head on. If there is evidence elsewhere, I want to see it so we can tear it apart and finally put a nail in the coffin that it was GG doing it.

          • This was the only form of documented harassment outside of the Utah threat. The Dobson threat is the only one the media referred to. No one has been able to provide any other documented forms of harassment. It really puts a perspective on the media’s narrative.

    • sonicsnake4

      Anita did get harassed she just lies about when it started so she can blame the gaming community and make bank.

      Kickstarter lies

      Before Anita started her Kickstarter campaign she held a talk where she said she was being harassed by a organized group of 4chan members for months. She said these 4chan members subscribed to her channel so they would know when she released new videos so they could attack her. The type of comments she said she received were sexual insults, death threats & rape threats. She said sometimes she got together with a friend to read through the comments because it would get overwhelming. She says that she probably has the biggest block list on Youtube and anytime they leave any anti feminist, harassing, or threating comment they would be blocked. She said that she had gotten use to these kinds of comments. She said she monitored her Youtube comment section so the only comments that were allowed to be shown had to be approved by her.

      She lunched her Kickstarter campaign and made a Youtube video for the campaign. She for the first time allowed comments on her video. she makes a post on her website entitled Harassment, Misogyny and Silencing on YouTube. She says this in the post.

      “Here is a very small sample of the harassment I deal with for daring to criticize sexism in video games. Keep in mind that all this is in response to my Kickstarter project for a video series called Tropes vs. Women in Video Games (which I have not even made yet). These are the types of silencing tactics often used against women on the internet who dare to speak up. But don’t worry it won’t stop me!”

      “These messages and comments have included everything from the typical sandwich and kitchen “jokes” to threats of violence, death, sexual assault and rape.”


      She says that all of these comments are because of her Kickstarter campaign because she dares to speak critically about video games. These statements completely contradict what she said before she started her Kickstarter campaign. Before her Kickstarter she said she was systemically being harassed by people on 4chan and that among the things they said to her were sexual insults, death threats & rape threats and sometimes it was so overwhelming she read them with a friend as a way to cope with it and she had gotten use to it by that point. So she leaves comments open on her youtube kickstarter video which is something she never did before and she was surprised by the negative comments but how can she be surprised by the same type of comments she was receiving long before she launched her Kickstarter. When she started her Kickstarter and left her comments open she knew exactly what the comments were going to be like because she’s been receiving them for months prior. So when she says during her Kickstarter that all of the negative comments were because of her Kickstarter campaign she’s lying.


      last year she did a interview where she continues to tell this lie.

      “In 2012, she decided to dedicate a series of videos to the topic of computer games. She launched a Kickstarter project to fund her Tropes vs Women In Video Games web series, with a modest goal of $6,000. The target was met in 24 hours, and within two weeks she had raised nearly four times that much. That’s when the harassment started: people vandalised her Wikipedia page with gender-based slurs, and her YouTube videos were hit with a barrage of abuse. Sarkeesian had been harassed online before – “I’m a woman on the internet!” she says – but she had never been attacked by a mob.”


      This is what Anita said in a 2012 interview

      “I’ve received some sporadic harassment for my past critiques of movies or TV shows but the sheer ferocity, intensity and coordination of this wave of abuse and threats is on a scale I’ve never personally experienced before.”

      Lets see what the definition of sporadic is. sporadic – occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated. Lets go back and see what Anita said about her harassment before KS. She said 4chan members subscribed to her channel so they would know when she released new videos so they could attack her. The type of comments she said she received were sexual insults, death threats & rape threats. She said sometimes she got together with a friend to read through the comments because it would get overwhelming. That sounds a hell of a lot like a coordination attack against her that she claims never existed before her KS. You know what that doesn’t sound like a random comment here or their like she’s claiming in this interview.


    • C G Saturation

      If Anita gets harassed it’s because she’s a lying scammer who gets rich from dictating how everyone should perceive a topic she herself knows little about. It’s bullshit that nobody is allowed to react adversely to her for that, just because she has a vagina. A guy wouldn’t get away with it. You saw what happened to Jack Thompson. He got ripped to shreds.

      • Mr.Towel

        To them, they’re fighting on the good side, for the good cause. Any criticism directed towards them, as valid and logical as it can be, it’s a direct attack on the good side, on the good cause, it prevent the “good”to win, therefore it’s not permissible.

        This shit works like a cult.

        • I would absolutely agree that they over exaggerate what is an isn’t harassment for the sake of the narrative. That said, there’s no excuse for legitimate harassment.

          • Mr.Towel

            Indeed. The central point of GG is about Ethics in Journalism, and as far as Ethics in itself go, Harassment is very unethical. I find the whole warring around doxxing to be frankly ridiculous. It’s pretty obvious this helps no one for it shows the desire to do evil, to harm.

          • Amen brother!

  • I swear these people get more detestable every day.

    They are nothing but hypocritical, bigoted, lying pieces of shit who will go out of their way to ruin anyone who dares to not adhere to their line of politics.

    “I attempted to reach out to Sarkeesian for comment but I’m blocked on Twitter.”

    you operate on facts, reason and logic Billy, so they won’t want to hear from you

    • C G Saturation

      They could report the actual figures and then describe them in the complete opposite way, and people would believe that over the figures. I’m sure I’ve seen that done before.

      Twitter is a fucking joke. I can’t stand how everything is routed through Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc when they constantly violate our basic rights on a daily basis.

  • The epitome of laziness on their part. They say a whole range of outrageous and stupid things about GamerGate supporters and what they supposedly did to Sarkeesian – yet to no-one’s surprise, they couldn’t even compile a single example to validate their narrative.

    • C G Saturation

      Nobody cares about evidence, all that matters is a female is crying wolf; the patriarchy demands we all die in exchange for her peace of mind.

      • Gardevoir

      • Michael Marquardt

        It’s the narrative that matters. Facts are not important if they do not support the narrative.

        • Prof. Faust

          Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
          — Mark Twain