Gawker Media Renamed To Gizmodo Media, Appointed New CEO
(Last Updated On: September 22, 2016)

The name “Gawker” and “Gawker Media” has been tainted in the media space. Too many sorded stories and gossip-quality pieces of a tawdry nature have sullied the name of Gawker. The new CEO of the company – following the Univision acquisition that took place after Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit killed Gawker Media – decided to rename Gawker media to Gizmodo Media.

CNN Money is reporting that Raju Narisetti is the new CEO of Gizmodo Media and he comes from the oftentimes loathed but imperial-sized News Corp., owned by Rupert Murdoch. Narisetti was News Corp’s senior vice president of strategy, and will now be moving into the Gizmodo Media space starting in October.

CNN reports that Narisetti commented on his new role and the new role of Gizmodo Media, saying…

“As part of Univision, we will now be more ambitious in deepening, broadening and sensibly scaling the passionate digital communities” the sites have attracted, “by offering accurate, responsible, edgy and engaging journalism, as well as through relevant, related content and commerce,”

Recently Univision had six articles deleted under Gawker’s wing; articles that were either trapped in a litigious circle of controversy or were prime bait for litigation. The company also had a Kotaku article quickly modified after a user went through proper channels to complain about copyrighted photos being used in the piece.

Most interesting is that many of Gawker’s writers were disappointed at the more ethical stance being imposed upon the staff at Gawker – now Gizmodo Media – by Univision, as reported by Politico. Some of the tweets from the disgruntled writers can be viewed below.

It was Gawker’s unethical practices that landed the in hot water with Hulk Hogan (which eventually led to their downfall) and it was also their unethical practices that cost them some million(s) after a run-in with #GamerGate, where executive editor Max Read lamented how the grassroots movement helped tank the multi-million dollar empire.

It was also later revealed that the FTC utilized more than 50 pages worth of documents from #GamerGate operations to use in their ongoing investigation into Gawker Media, now known as Gizmodo Media.

With Univision picking up the liabilities of Gawker’s assets, one has to wonder how they’ll deal with the FTC and any future disclosure complaints that come from the community? It was Gawker’s brazen and haughty response to #GamerGate that resulted in the consumer revolt getting as big it did and becoming financially dangerous toward Gawker.

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  • Reaper of Salt

    LOL all those salty tweets coming from the scum of Gawker’s underbelly are absolutely priceless. Personally I think it be best that the FTC completely bumped off each and every one of those muckrakers.

  • Dighunter

    Hey, do you think I can submit a complaint for a Gawker/Kotaku writer expressing islamophobic opinions, such as wanting children killed, etc…?

    • You could. I have no idea what the results would be.

  • The new owner should just fire/remove the Gawker writers. Based on their Tweets, they are clearly genuine SJWs with an axe to grind.

    Never good to have disgruntled staff working for you.

    • Reaper of Salt

      Rightly so.

  • FlamingoJet

    Kill ’em off again, boyos. They aren’t learning and they are trying to hide their past sins!

  • Hey William, you mentioned:

    “Most interesting is that many of Gawker’s writers were disappointed at the more ethical stance being imposed upon the staff at Gawker – now Gizmodo Media – by Univision.”

    I’d REALLY like to see this disappointment. 😉 Got a link or screenshot somewhere?

    • Russell Smith

      I’m sure there’s a few tweets about it. This article would certainly benefit with the inclusion of those tweets, or some whiny article by a former Gawker author about their libelous garbage being consigned to the circular file.

      • I just included a couple of tweets. Most of the good ones have been deleted, including the ones by Max Read. I’m a little surprised no one archieved them.

        • Thanks William. The salt made by day!

          This one is particularly amusing:

          “Pulling down accurately reported articles is not a good way for Univision to start off our new relationship but we’ll see what happens,”

          Tim Marchman made it sound like the “relationship” is on equal footing but seems to have forgotten that Univision OWNS them.

        • Russell Smith

          Thanks, Billy. I appreciate your response.

    • Just added a link to the Politico article where they describe how the changes at Univision didn’t sit well with various Gawker staff.

  • C G Saturation

    Murdoch, huh. Small world.

    • Gerg Arata

      he’s got his fingers in so many pies…

    • scemar

      one of the dark horses himself