Gear Guns: Tank Offensive Tries Its Hand At B-Movie Style Arcade Action

Indie developer Alexey Glinskiy recently released his title onto Steam as a budget-priced piece of sci-fi fanfare, reminiscent of old sci-fi B-movies centering around alien invasions and plenty of laser-firing, over-the-top explosive action.

The single-player title sees players taking on the role of a tank operator, using high-tech equipment to take down an alien menace. The game features a story mode where players will battle through various linear levels to complete the objectives and take out the enemies.

The story mode features a complete cast of characters, with some of the cheesiest lines and cinematics you’ll see in a video game this gen. You can get a small taste of how silly the dialogue is with a video below from Tr1ppa.

Gameplay wise players will travel around in the tank, blowing up aliens, destroying objects and unleashing all sorts of destructive weaponry on the enemies. Parts of the game allow players to take over bases, fight against bosses and even fly around in a VTOL as they they travel through urban environments.

In addition to the fleshed out story mode there’s also a survival mode where players will have to survive through waves of enemies by taking over enemy bases and faces off against the massive bosses on each round.

In addition to the military aerial craft and the tank, there’s also a military transport truck where players will have to transport goods from one point to another. The game certainly doesn’t seem to have a lack of gameplay options and mechanics for style of arcade title that it is.

In fact, a lot of gamers seem to enjoy the variety of mechanics and gameplay options. The review rating on the Steam store page is still mixed, though. The reason for that is because plenty of gamers are disappointed with the cheesy lines, and goofy story. However, some people really enjoy the lo-fi story and focus more on pure action.

GearGuns is available right now for $7.99 over on the Steam store. For the first week of its availability you can get it for 15% off.


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