Glitch’s Trip: Psychedelic 2D Platformer Is Looking To Be Greenlit

You can’t help but think of Kirby when you see this little ball of goo armed with his tiny little blaster gun. Indie developers Ransacked Studios are the creators behind Glitch’s Trip, that follows the adventures of a small little green goo that goes on a grand journey across the stars.

Glitch’s Trip has a familiar side-scrolling platformer setup but with a few other elements to make it stand out. Glitch, our main protagonist, also has a gun that you can manually aim using your mouse to fire a small projectile so that you can shoot and destroy your enemies that block your path. Based on the developer’s Twitter feed as they drop hints about the game, it sounds like that standard gun isn’t the only weapon Glitch will have at his disposal and you will also be able to get a few more advanced weapons as well.

At the moment, there is no mention of controller support for Glitch’s Trip, but hopefully the developers will add it in before the game launches just to give more options with controlling your character.

As for the graphics, I honestly can’t tell if the game is made with high quality 2D sprites or cel-shaded 3D models that was made to look like 2D, if you look at how some of the objects or characters move it looks a bit like 3D. Regardless, the graphics gives the game a colorful slightly psychedelic cartoon art style, and there are also visual screen effects that trigger to create a distorted trippy visual appearance — hence the name, Glitch’s Trip. Take a look at the gameplay trailer that Ransacked Studios released that showcases a little bit of what the game is like in the video that I linked down below.

The developers say that the game will have four unique planetary environments, along with 100 levels for you to explore and conquer. But the developers also say that they are planning to release a level editor as well so that the community can create and share content with the world.

Glitch’s Trip is scheduled for a 2017 release date and is currently on Steam Greenlight for votes and approval from the community. For further information an details about the game you can also check out the developers official website for more information.


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