GOG.com Adds Mirror’s Edge, The Saboteur And Spore: Collection

Three classic Electronic Arts games have made their way to GOG.com. We don’t often talk about GOG as much as we do Steam, mainly because Steam gets a bunch of games and oftentimes more games than we have time to cover. However, it’s always great to see competition step up their game and add some worthwhile titles to their stash, including three new-age classics from Electronic Arts.

Reddit’s /r/Games was quick to spot the inclusion of the games that currently headline the front page of GOG.com. The titles include the stylish open-world game, The Saboteur, which has probably become most renown for the cabaret strip scenes (a feature that newer games could never get away with under the current third-wave feminist regime looming over the gaming industry like an imperialist cloud).

The second game on the list is Mirror’s Edge, which was one of my all-time favorite games from the seventh generation of gaming… everything clicked right with the first title, from the amazing minimalistic art-style to the captivating and soothing soundtrack from Solar Fields, to the challenging yet equally engaging platforming segments – everything just worked.

The last game on the list is one of the most controversial: Spore. EA and Will Wright just Peter Molyneux’d the crap out of Spore. In fact, Spore had No Man’s Sky hype before there was a No Man’s Sky. The major difference is that Hello Games has been able to hunker down and start fixing their title where-as Spore just kind of came onto the scene, fizzed out its hype and then slowly withered away into obscurity.

Well, regardless of expectations, you can pick up a DRM-free copy of all three Electronic Arts titles from GOG.com for discounted prices during their premiere. Both The Saboteur and Mirror’s Edge are 50% off, so you can pick up both copies for only $9.99. Spore: Collection recognizes that it has a lot of bad memories that gamers will have to overcome in order to pick up a copy and so it’s available for 60% off the normal price, and you can get the entire collection of Spore for $11.99.


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