GTA 5 Redux, Graphical Overhaul Mod Download Available

Josh Romito’s highly anticipated GTA V overhaul of the game’s graphics, bringing it up to par to what Hayassm Keilany did with GTA IV and the iCEnhancer, has officially launched and is currently available for download right now.

TechRaptor did a quick write-up on the new overhaul mod that gives GTA V the kind of graphical boost that makes a lot of other games look last-gen.

The release of the mod comes with a high-quality trailer complete with a voiceover. Romito really went all out on this one. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer manages to do something many mainstream games fail to get across: details on why the graphics matter and what the graphics do.

We learn about Romito’s all new time-cycle to give Los Santos a more natural look throughout each time of the day, as well as darker nights and brighter mornings. We see that the chromatic aberration and color distortion has been removed, giving the game a more natural look, especially at higher resolutions.

HD road textures, physically based material lighting, and all new skydomes help give the game the kind of visually inviting look most people were expecting to see following on GTA IV’s famous iCEnhancer 3.0 mod. 4K textures really make a world of difference in terms of visual output.

But the interesting about it is that halfway through the trailer starts going over the more under-the-hood changes that affect the way the game is played.

GTA V Redux

We learn that the Wanted system has been overhauled for more realistic and dangerous police. One of the most important things about the game has also been addressed: the physics.

GTA V‘s vanilla physics are like a bolted down, RC track version of Need for Speed. It was a huge step backwards from GTA IV. Thankfully, Romito has corrected that misstep by Rockstar, giving the vehicles back their weight, suspension, bounce, mass distribution during turns and drifts, as well as proper handling when it comes to taking corners and powersliding.

Another cool feature from GTA IV that was disabled in GTA V to accommodate the age-old seventh gen consoles is the Euphoria procedural animations. They’re back!

Not only is Euphoria back but it’s been increased so that it feels like the organic step up from where GTA IV left off. Pedestrians and cops now grab onto the car, they hang onto objects for dear life, and they react to force, acceleration and deceleration in far more realistic ways.

GTA 5 Redux

Now if you want to run this awesome overhaul, you will need to purchase a legitimate copy of GTA V if you don’t already own it. Pirated copies will not work with the Redux overhaul.

You’ll also need ScriptHookV, OpenIV and at the very least 70GB of free hard drive space.

You can learn more about the Redux mod or download it by visiting the GTA 5 Redux download page.


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