Horror Game Room Service Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Room Service by lone developer Sleet Games, sees players in the position of a Saw film. Trapped without any explanation, players must find their way out of an abandoned building riddled with traps. Room Service is currently on Steam Greenlight, and is set to be for PC.

If you are into Saw films and like the whole predator hunting prey with malicious traps thing, you’ll find exactly that in Sleet Games project, Room Service.

To be honest, walking simulators and puzzle games aren’t my cup of tea, but to see something like this on Steam Greenlight by one person, which isn’t poorly made, really got my attention. Additionally, one thing that sparked my interest is that the dev put a goal or limit on the game with 10 challenges, instead of throwing in content that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with.

Anyways, the official description for Room Service sits below.

“The main character has been kidnapped by a psychopath who forces people to complete various challenges for his amusement. Your freedom in exchange for completing 10 challenges might sound simple, however, these aren’t your ordinary math puzzles. Every victim is rigged with a collar containing different ways on how to inflict pain.”


“The facility you’re in is filled with items that are necessary to succeed, coupled with deadly traps, cameras and pranks. Occasionally, questions will be asked to you, but be careful, as your responses matter.”

That’s right, multiple decisions are thrown at you throughout the game, which your life will depend on. Moreover, this got me thinking, will these multiple decisions change dialogue options for current and future puzzles? If so, that will add some flavor to replay value.

Furthermore, if you are curious as to how Room Service plays out, new videos are up for you to watch, thanks to Sleet Games‘ channel.

If this game looks like something worth supporting, Room Service is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking for votes.


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