I Am The Hero New Gameplay Video Shows Co-op Action And New Stages
(Last Updated On: September 4, 2016)

It’s good to see an indie dev sticking to their games even after they have their project passed through whatever crowdfunding platform it was on. In this case, CrazyAnt’s 2D beat ’em up game, I Am The Hero, has passed the Greenlight segment and has gained a new video showing co-op gameplay in action.

Yup, that’s right, CrazyAnt have gotten their game I Am The Hero through Steam Greenlight. Instead of dropping their supporters and leaving anyone curious in the dark, the team posted up a new video showing the progress they’ve been making with some new co-op gameplay.

The video runs for quite some time. Unlike most trailers that aim to show off a feature for 30 seconds to two minutes, this trailer runs on for seven minutes straight, and provides some scenes of new stages and the combat mechanics. You can watch the video below courtesy of the devs’ YouTube channel.

I’m really liking the askew look with the environment, it makes the simplistic yet colorful backgrounds stand out. Additionally, I also like how the environments have stuff lying around and small objects in the background, kinda like the main character on every billboard.

But, the most important part that really stuck with me is the fighting mechanics. I’m sure some of you who have played the old Streets of Rage games know of the cheat of slowly one punching an enemy until they are KO’d. Well, this game has a lot of movement and less stun time so that battles are more back and forth compared to the beat-’em-ups from yesteryear.

In addition to the fighting mechanics, we get to see how dynamic the AI is and how they keep players on their toes, which is evident in the video above with two players having a tough time against one enemy, which is pretty cool.

Lastly, I hope the game can maintain said mechanics throughout the rest of its stages all while keeping that consistent flow where your teammate can hop in on the pummeling fun.

If I Am The Hero looks fun to you, more information can be found over on indiedb.com and iamthehero.crazyant.com.

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