Killing Room Launches This October On Steam

A reality TV-style first-person survival game called Killing Room is coming to Steam this October. The game sees players attempting to survive through a series of deadly and unforgiving traps across a series of rooms where you fight hard to earn a lot of cash or you die trying.

Alda Games’ upcoming title is a parody of the reality TV genre mixed with a little bit of 1980s horror flicks. There’s a mix of puzzle-solving, shooting, and lots of death… plenty of death.

They recently announced that Killing Room would be making its way to Steam this October. An actual date was not given but a gameplay trailer gives you an idea of what to expect from the gameplay. You can check it out below.

The trailer is a single boss fight instance, which is a lot more technical than I thought it would be. We see the player enter into the room, pull out a pistol and wail away on a floating, one-armed head with a laser arm. It’s like one part Running Man one part Total Recall and one part Evil Dead. The whole thing is bizarre with an extra layer of reality TV on top.

Much to my surprise the gunplay looks really good. The animations for the shooting and reloading are spot on. That has got to be one of the best double-barrel shotguns I’ve seen in a first-person shooter and the reloading animations are absolutely perfect. There are few games that get shotguns right, and the sort of methodical, realistic take on the survival aspects of Killing Room help give it some weight and importance, which his oftentimes missing from a lot of first-person shooters that just rely on Call of Duty-style arcade speeds and they miss out on all the nuance of the survival aspects.

If Killing Room seems like an interesting project to you, expect to see it launch this October on Steam. You can check out the store page to learn more about Alda Games’ rogue-like, role-playing FPS.


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