Koei Tecmo Releases New Berserk Gameplay Trailer Showing Guts’ Berserk Armor

According to the publication site Famitsu, we get to see more of Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s take on Berserk. The latest video posted on the site consist of an onslaught of enemies being taken out Musou style by Guts, who later transforms into his Berserk Armor. 

I know that there are some fans that are disappointed with Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s vision of Berserk, but if you are a fan of the upcoming game there’s some actual gameplay footage for you to look over.

The new video shows Guts in action killing a slew of enemies standing in front and around him. Like most Musou games, you will be able to attack in a large radius, this will help suck in enemies into your attacks so that you can keep up a high combo count, while blazing through countless baddies.

later, Guts transforms around the seven second mark in the video leading to him sporting the Berserk Armor. The video trailer doesn’t last that long like other previous Berserk trailers, but you can check out the 41 second long video courtesy of Koei Tecmo.

I’m sure quite a bit of Musou fans will enjoy this iteration of Berserk, which is set to drop this Fall. Additionally, if Guts’ trailer seemed interesting to you, Koei Tecmo also showcased Griffith, Judeau, Casca, Schierke, Zodd and another gameplay video of Guts.

Berserk is set to come out for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita over in Japan on October 27th. As for a Western release the PS4 and PS Vita will stay intact, however, instead of a PS3 version folks will have the option to play Berserk on PC via Steam.

For more information on this game you can either hit up Famitsu, or you can check out the game’s official website over on koeitecmoeurope.com.


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