Last Empire-War Z’s Live-Action Parkour Trailer Is Impressive

A live-action video showing a couple of survivors attempting to outrun a zombie horde has been making its way around social media. The live-action video works as a promo trailer for the recently released mobile game from IM30 called Last Empire-War Z. Despite the funky name, the live-action trailer is actually quite impressive.

FragHero shared the video on Facebook, which has already garnered more than 345,000 views as of the writing of this article. You can check out the three minute video below courtesy of Ampisound.

It starts off with the main dude and his female companion checking for supplies and scoping out a body being eaten by a zombie. However, after getting ambushed by a zombie horde, the duo take off running, getting chased from every angle by the running-dead.

The GoPro-style camera work looks good, and it manages to capture the focus of the action in an intense way. The rooftop chase scene in particular was really cool.

Dare I say, it was actually more intense than a lot of the action scenes in Hardcore Henry.

Unfortunately… as hyped as the live-action video was the game itself is nothing like that. Instead, Last Empire-War Z is a Chinese-published freemium game from IM30 and Long Tech Network. It’s currently available on the iTunes App Store.

You can see what the actual gameplay looks like with the video below from Apok.

So yeah, it’s an isometric, turn-based strategy game. There’s nothing wrong with isometric, turn-based strategy games, but it’s a huge departure from that awesome live-action clip. It’s also really unfortunate that such a cool parkour video ended up being attached to Last Empire-War Z.

Anyway, if you want to play the game be sure to check out the iTunes page for it. If the game doesn’t look all that enticing to you but the parkour did, be sure to check out the Ampisound YouTube channel.


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