Mirage: Arcane Warfare PAX West Trailer Revels In Bloody Dangerous Magic
Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Torn Banner Studios is continuing to promote their upcoming first-person PvP game, Mirage: Arcane Warfare. They have an alpha test due to go live this September and are currently taking sign-ups right now. In addition to announcing the alpha test, the developers released a new gameplay video at this year’s PAX West in Seattle, Washington.

The gameplay video clocks in at 12 minutes and it features two never-before-seen stages, the Sunken City and the Bazaar, as well as a look at some of the classes in the game. You can check out the video below.

The gameplay video sees the player cutting and hacking on opponents, oftentimes ending in bloody dismemberment. The video spends a few minutes on each class, giving gamers an idea of how each of the characters play and how they can be utilized in the two maps.

The combat is certainly a lot less tactical than Chivalry, which relied more on blocking and countering than projectiles. However, the magical elements in Mirage means that there are a lot more long-range projectiles and abilities to utilize during combat. Some classes specialize more in close range combat than others, such as the Vigilist, who relies on a shield and spear.

So far, the game looks okay. I actually like the theme and art-style, but the characters aren’t really winning me over. The magic elements are a slightly different take on the typical team deathmatch FPS genre, so if that’s something that tickles your fancy then it’s something that might lure you in.

As for the stages… they look great. The Sunken City has this fantastical, desert city vibe to it, and the Bazaar manages to maintain an exotic look with a middle eastern charm. It’s also one of the rare times where there are a bunch of explosions in a mid-east marketplace that doesn’t involve suicide bombers.

Anyway, you can look for Mirage: Arcane Warfare to launch in early 2017 for PC. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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