Mount & Blade: Warband Launches On Xbox One For $19.99
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2016)

Now here’s a bit of news that completely took me by surprise. TaleWorlds Entertainment’s long-running, highly moddable, strategic historical-RPG, Mount & Blade, is currently available for the Xbox One.

Pricing may vary per region but the news was made known over on the Major Nelson website, and if you live in the U.S., you can grab a copy of th egame for only $19.99.

The vanilla game features the basic campaign mode for single-player and the full online multiplayer mode for anywhere between 2 and 32 players.

The game is only 1.3GB, maintaining a fairly tiny size. It’s a little bit bigger than what it was on PC, but the Mount & Blade: Warband experience is all about creating your own historical mark on medieval Europe.

Be warned, this game can zap hours upon hours of your life away and you won’t even realize it. You start off based on the characteristics and profile of your created character, and from there it’s a matter of attempting to establish yourself in a fully dynamic and ever-changing world.

As you meet soldiers, bandits, vagabonds and heroes, you can grow your party from a small band of adventurers into a massive army (and yes, the army actually shows up in battle). You can either be a raiding band of thieves, pillaging towns and killing innocents, or your can attempt to use diplomacy to usurp a throne from a small fiefdom. The options are limitless and how you play the game determines how your story unfolds.

The character quests and world-building development coincides with the game’s intense battle sequences, which are both fun and challenging. Blocking, parrying and using tactics are very important. Weapon weight and armor types will determine how effective you are against certain opponents, and horseback riding and skilled archery can make or break a battle.

Mount & Blade: Warband is a great game and a whole lot of fun. The mods are what really make it stand out but sadly that doesn’t appear to have made the cut for the Xbox One version of the game. If you have it on PC the Feudal Japan mod and the American Revolution mod are two amazing mods worth getting, the latter if you want some cool historical facts sprinkled throughout the experience.

Anyway, you can get your hands on Mount & Blade right now for the Xbox One by heading on over to the Microsoft Store.

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