Osiris: New Dawn Set To Hit PC Via Steam On September 28th

Publisher Reverb Triple XP and developer Fenix Fire latest game, Osiris: New Dawn, is getting a lot of attention as of late. However, the game is still being developed, but will be playable on Steam Early Access starting September 28th.

The latest space game to come out next week, which will be for PC via Steam Early Access, is Osiris: New Dawn. The game’s trailer actually looks pretty cool to me, although gameplay footage and legit gamers posting videos of the full version will speak for the game when it drops.

But while we wait for Osiris: New Dawn to drop, the game is set in the year 2046 and mankind’s discovery of near-lightspeed (fold engine) propulsion has empowered human’s research to a new level that expands Osiris expeditionary missions to the Gliese 581 system.

You are the second colonization team sent by the U.N.E (United Nations of Earth) to study and research potential habitable planets. The game starts when your spacecraft malfunctions and forces you to land on an unknown planet’s surface.

“After crash-landing on an distant planet, build a colony with your friends, battle others and explore the system prospecting for immeasurable riches. Discover, fight, and tame indigenous alien creatures or search for lost human expeditions as you survive the far reaches of space.”

After being stranded your first objective in the game is to reach a safe location so that you can build a central base. This base that is going to stand as your multi-purpose building can be expanded with normal and special modules.

In addition to the base (and bases), you will be able to create research centers, food labs, manufacturing bays, and advance technology so that you can thrive on the planet you are stranded on.

There are some things that need to be noted before dropping the videos below. Osiris is said to be a “Massive Multiplayer Online” game with crafting, colonizing, skillful combat and the art of colonizing worlds of “incredible wonders”.

The first video that’s up comes in by Fenix Fire Entertainment, while the second video stands as a gameplay video by MediaProGame.


For more information on Osiris: New Dawn, you can head on over to fenixfire.com, or you can head on over to Osiris Steam Early Access page.


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