Paladins Video Guide Teaches You How To Play Androxus

Hi-Rez Studios have been releasing how-to guides for their characters in Paladins. One of the characters that was recently spotlighted in the guide was Androxus, the god-slayer.

The video guide was posted up over on the Paladins YouTube channel, featuring just under nine minutes worth of tips and hints for playing as Androxus in the new free-to-play MOBA title. You can check out the video guide below.

Part of his strengths are highlighted as being his ability to deal damage quickly in duels and how well he works as a carry on the field.

It’s mentioned in the video that he fires too quickly and takes too much damage for most opponents to react if you can manage to sneak up on them, using his damage-dealing capabilities as an advantage for taking out foes.

Androxus the god slayer has five different skills he can utilize, including the Revolver, Defiance, Reversal, Nether Step and the Accursed Arm. The first two are associated with the left and right mouse button while the other three skills are attached to ‘Q’, ‘F’, and ‘E’.

Paladins - Androxus Skills

Reversal, has a 16 second cooldown while Nether Step has a 10 second cooldown. You can basically use the former to absorb all project shots from the front while the latter skill can be used to dash forward in midair or on the ground.

It’s mentioned in the video that Androxus’ revolver has massive damage falloff at a distance and it’s suggested to focus on getting close to avoid letting the damage falloff affect his ability to take out opponents.

It’s also mentioned that his Reversal skill can be useful when engaged with foes in head-on projectile battles because you can use Androxus to capture the incoming projectile and then spit it back out at an opponent, dealing massive damage in the process.

Paladins is currently available in beta and is free to play. For more info on the Early Access title be sure to visit the Steam store page.


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