Pavilion Now On Steam, Coming Soon To PS4 And Mobile Devices

Puzzle game, Pavilion, recently hit PC via Steam. However, the devs also noted that the fourth-person puzzle game will be available for PS4, PS Vita and mobile devices. Pavilion is currently running for $9.99 on Steam and the Humble Store.

I’m not much of a puzzle person myself, but if you enjoy the genre and like to discover strange things in an unknown realm, publisher and developer Visiontrick Media will allow you to do just that and beyond, in Pavilion. Before detailing other platforms the game will soon hit, a brief description lies below.

“Pavilion, the fourth-person puzzling adventure from Visiontrick Media, throws you directly into its mysterious world without any text tutorials or beginning explanations. It is a puzzle game portrayed through exploration and audio-visual imagery.”

In other words, you will be solving puzzles based on what you see and how the environment may or may not bend to a new sector. From that description the game sounds like it will jam the player quite a bit, unless you are keen to your surroundings.

Although the trailer below doesn’t reveal all of the platforms that Pavilion will be coming to soon, according to the game’s official site and other notes, Pavilion will be heading to iOS and Android devices too.

Thanks to Visiontrick Media‘s YouTube channel, you can see the game in action and what Pavilion is all about.

I’m really liking the atmosphere in this game, along with the changing of perspective while playing. It seems like a real mind trip if you are not careful when solving puzzles throughout Pavilion, which in practice can be frustrating but rewarding if done correctly.

As of now the puzzle game is available for $9.99 on both Steam, and the Humble Store. For more information on this game and the developers behind it, you can head on over to


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