Planet Coaster Trailer Has Some Impressive Roller Coaster Crashes

Frontier Developments released the absolute perfect trailer for their upcoming PC game, Planet Coaster. The trailer centers around building roller coasters and watching them crash.

The trailer isn’t very long but it starts with a slow build toward the mayhem. The most impressive thing about the game is the amount of NPCs wandering around the park. It’s breathtaking, really. I’ve never seen a game host that many NPCs on the screen at one time with that level of fidelity. You can see it for yourself with the trailer below.

The music, the slow motion, the completely aloof park patrons… it’s perfect.

After 30 seconds of build-up, we finally get to see what the coaster crashes are all about and it’s unadulterated, devilish entertainment.

All those NPCs flooding the walkways and lining up for the attractions, being completely taken off guard by a high-speed coaster crashing down upon them like the Feds on Clinton’s e-mail server.

Planet Coaster


The tag-line for the game is “simulation evolved”, and part of that does seem to ring true. I mean, if you look at the way the NPCs react and animate according to the crashes, there’s somewhat of a Dreamworks’ quality feel to their presence. For a moment it’s easy to forget that Planet Coaster is a game. Instead of going for per-pixel material filters and physically-based rendering of realistic assets, Frontier decided to go with an aesthetic that both stands out and has some entertainment appeal to it. Bravo for that.

If you’re interested in creating chaos with roller coasters, you won’t have to wait too long because the game is due for release on Steam starting November 15th. For further information on this physics simulator where you create innovative ways to put people in roller coasters and then destroy all their hopes and dreams, feel free to visit the official website.


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