Play Destiny Private Matches Right Now On Xbox One, PS4

If you wanted to take a stroll through the potential competitive landscape of Destiny: Rise of Iron ahead of its official release on September 20th, Activision and Bungie have made the Private Matches mode for the first-person shooter available for Xbox One and PS4 owners.

The Private Match competition is where the availability of the current Private Match options were first announced. The competition was hosted by Major League Gaming, enabling gamers to dive into the Crucible and challenge other Destiny players in private  PvP bouts across 18 different modes on 30 different maps.

Outside of the MLG event, players can now download the Private Match for Destiny and Destiny: Rise of Iron and start brushing up on skills ahead of the official release of the expansion pack.

Some gameplay from the Private Matches that they allowed certain YouTubers to capture from the Bungie offices have also been made available, with Datto offering five minutes worth of gameplay for you to check out.

As explained by Datto, you don’t actually need Rise of Iron to partake in the Private Matches, but you do need to be on the Xbox One or PS4 to make use of the feature. Bungie outlined some time ago that they were done supporting the Xbox 360 and PS3 due to the decade old hardware holding back their vision for the game.

I’m curious if we’ll finally start to see some worthwhile eighth-gen only features in Destiny: Rise of Iron now that the Xbox 360 and PS3 are out of the picture?

The Xbox 360 and PS3 also won’t be receiving the new PvP mode, Supremacy. This new mode will be exclusive to Xbox One and PS4 owners.

You’ll be able to learn more about Destiny: Rise of Iron over on the official website. The Private Match mode is available on standard vanilla versions of Destiny on the Xbox One and PS4.