Quantum Break Physical Edition Seemingly Time Traveled Out of Release Window
(Last Updated On: September 30, 2016)

Quantum Break released on Steam yesterday, allowing gamers an alternative way to purchase and play the game outside of using Microsoft’s controversial Windows Storefront. However those hoping to buy the much advertised retail version of the game may find themselves empty handed.

Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition, the physical version of the game, is being distributed by the recently rebranded THQ Nordic and was set to release the same day as the digital release.

But this version of the game is nowhere to be found. It can’t be found on any mainstream online retailers outside of Amazon and the product page on their site states it usually ships in “1 to 4 weeks.”

On twitter the retail collector’s edition is being advertised in posts by Remedy, THQ Nordic and the official Quantum Break account but when they have been contacted about the absence of the game they didn’t have much, if anything, to say in response.

The Amazon product page currently has 3 ratings, two of which are 1-star ratings from customers who are upset that they are not receiving their orders and have gotten no response on when their orders will be fulfilled, which you can view in the customer review section on Amazon’s site.

I have reached out to Remedy through their forums and received a response from a representative who is just as in the dark as everyone else but stated he would be attempting to contact THQ Nordic for more information. Thomas, the Remedy representative, stated…

“We are as disappointed as you are as the release was moved from the 14th to ensure production could ship the Timeless Collectors Edition globally in good time to stores. I’ve visited Finnish gaming stores and they will have the Timeless Collectors Edition later during Friday, so over a day late. We are just as unhappy about this as you are and can only sympatize. I’ve emailed THQ Nordic to try and get some information.”

This bungled release has left many consumers frustrated. Hopefully THQ Nordic comes forward with some kind of information for those who are left waiting.

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