Real Steel Goes Free On iTunes App Store

After being available for years as a paid app on the iTunes App Store, Reliance Games has announced that Real Steel is now free-to-play on iOS devices. After eight million downloads the change comes as part of a new update that includes various bots from the movie and some new parts for players to mess around with.

The game didn’t just go free, though, they also added some new content as well, with the press release explaining…

“if you thought the game couldn’t get any better, then think again. In the updated version you can now battle your opponents in an intense 3v3 tag team match, customise your own fighter in the Build Your Own Robot (BYOR) feature, choose from multiple battle environments to fight in, and unlock 8 brand new robots on completion of each game mode.”

So you get to build your own robot, battle in some new tag team matches and face off in various environments? Sounds good. In addition to that they’ve also added in a new ranking system so you can fight your way up through the leaderboards.

This startling change in the monetary setup comes after a previous update a few months ago that added a jokester bot to the stable. You can check out the video below.

The fighting and animations are actually a lot better than I would have expected. It’s a real shame that this game was relegated to the mobile spaces where it likely died an unfortunate and unwarranted drop in usage and engagement. I’m sure someone might contest that presumption but then I would like to counter by asking: why did it go free-to-play if it was doing well?

Anyways, it seems like they would have put a little time into making it available on PC or PS Vita, but you can now get your hands on the game, for free, if you have an iOS device. You can get the latest version from over on the iTunes App Store right now.


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