Riders Of Icarus Update Rift Of The Damned Drops September 28th

Nexon and WeMade Entertainment announced today that Riders of Icarus’ newest update, “Rift of the Damned”, will be made available starting September 28th.

The new update will feature an all new zone called the Tritael Rift, which sees gamers fighting through an isle that floats above a bottomless sea where they will fight amongst the unending battle between the Goddess of Light and the God of Ruin. The zone is designed for high level players who have a flying mount given that the entire zone takes place in the air. This means you either bring a wingsuit, a parachute or a Pegasus. But given that you’ll be fighting against mythological deities, you better bring a winged beast to an air fight.

The Tritael Rift will also contain all sorts of new quests to complete, along with a new dungeon known as The Breach. It’s a high-level dungeon designed for players who are at least level 39.

The new zones, new quests, new dungeons and new content is also topped off with new mounts, some of which are previewed in the trailer below.

A flying space whale? Dang, now that’s how you travel the multi-verse in style.

The new mounts will specifically be located in the new Tritael Rift, where players will be able to battle and tame Void creatures. Sounds kind of cool, eh? Some of the new mounts include the Voidbeast Drauph, the Blade, Paragas the Mad, and Karasha the Dark One. Each of them will require a lot of skill and dedication to overcome.

Riders of Icarus is one of the few MMOs that seems to be doing something different. I don’t think building the game on top of the CryEngine was the best of choices, but the game looks gorgeous nonetheless. I also really like the taming system and the ability to have both mounts and pets that fulfill different roles in the game.

Riders of Icarus is currently free-to-play right now. You can get your hands on the game either through the official website or through the Steam client.


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