Rising Storm 2: Vietnam New Trailer Shows Off Ground Soldiers And Air Support

The Red Orchestra series is set to embrace the era and theater of Vietnam. Entitled as Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, the game will feature weapons from both WW2 and the more current weapons from 1960 through 1970, which also includes vehicles, too. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is set to hit PC next year.

From M3 grease guns and M1A1 Thompson sub-machine guns to the more modern M14 and M16 rifles, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be exploring the jungle heat conflict. To acknowledge the upcoming game Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games sent out a new trailer showing off Air Support.

The trailer features three helicopters which can be manned by players during matches. The well-versed and iconic UH-1H Iroquois (or Huey) stands as a support/transport carrier, and can hold up to six passengers around the battlefield. It can also double as a mobile spawn point, or an assault tool with two mounted M60 LMGs.

Armed and tactical, the OH-6 Cayuse (or the Loach) is good for quick roaming stages to spot ground troops and other enemy forces by using the commander abilities from the cockpit.

This brings us to the last and final helicopter in this list known as the AH-1G. The deadly Cobra brings a plethora of weapons with it like two FFAR rocket pods, a 20mm M195 AC (auto-cannon), a 40mm grenade launcher, and a front-mounted mini-gun.

You can check out the video showing all of the above courtesy of Tripwire Interactive.

Although the bonus video below is a compilation of other videos (often times with bad audio) it also features battle and weapon footage, and a Q&A near the middle end of the video. You can check the video out thanks to MathChief – Gameplay & Trailers!.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is set to come out early next year for PC. For more information on this game you can head on over to rs2vietnam.com.


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