Road Redemption’s Online Multiplayer Alpha Coming Soon

Pixel Dash Studios has recently made a quick update on the Steam page Road Redemption, letting fans and gamers know that Road Redemption is nearing the final stretch in development. The game’s two major updates will be the story and the online multiplayer.

In the post on the Steam page, one of the developers reveals that they’re gunning for 32-player online matches, complete with cops, NPC traffic and tons of carnage. As mentioned by Ian Fisch from Pixel Dash…

“Our final goal is to support 32 person servers. The main roadblock right now is bandwidth limitations – how much data the server is forced to send. As you add more players, this goes up exponentially. We’re confident that with some more data optimization, we can achieve this, though 32 player support might come in a post-release patch.


“We’ll be releasing an alpha version of the online game to you guys very shortly.”

That’s fantastic news for anyone who has been following Road Redemption through the development phase.

The game currently has split-screen local play for up to four players. It’s a heck of a lot of fun and hearkens back to the days of Road Rash 64 on the N64.

The racing has been improved inch by inch, with the physics tweaked to be both fast and responsive. The actual combat is fantastic. The melee weapons have a great feeling of weight to them, and the guns and explosives really make you feel like you’re part of a 3D action film.

Road Redemption came onto the scene many years ago, getting Kickstarted and set to appear on home consoles and PC. For the past couple of years the game has been in Early Access on Steam while the developers refine the gameplay and add additional content.

In additino to the multiplayer, the developers are also fleshing out the game’s story mode, in which they’ve finished the script and are bringing in the voice actors to finalize the content.

They don’t have a specific date for the release of Road Redemption but it sure does seem to be getting close. For more info or to check out the Early Access version of the game, be sure to visit the official website.


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