Rogue Fantasy Seeks To Bring Legend Of Zelda Action To Greenlight

Yes, I know, yet another Steam Greenlight game by indie developers with the tag lines of “procedural generated dungeons” and “Rogue-like” features nestled within a game, but I do have to say for Greenlight standards Mad Drifter Studio’s Rogue Fantasy does look quite nice. The game is currently seeking votes on Greenlight and will be available for PC when it launches.

According to Rogue Fantasy’s official site and the description on Steam Greenlight, the team (Mad Drifter Studio) noted that the Legend of Zelda series helped inspire them to make Rogue Fantasy. I’m sure there are other games and franchises that played a part in the game’s inspiration, but it looks quite nice to be on Steam Greenlight.

I know that the game holds the full recipe of typical indieness, but at least the game is not a toilet simulator, some lazy MS Paint game or another overly saturated walking horror simulator. In Rogue Fantasy, players will adventure through villages, caves and other places while using magic and a variety of weapons.

There will be blocking and some form of back and forth combat. Accompanying the aforesaid is platforming. Platforming is something that’s cool to see, especially in games like this one with puzzles and tricky quests. With that said, you can read Rogue Fantasy’s official description:

“Rogue Fantasy tells the tale of a villager who awakes one day to find themselves inside a mysterious dungeon.


Your journey through the dungeon will never be the same, and seeking the exit isn’t easy with the countless dangers lurking around every corner. And is seeking the exit even the answer? The future is however you decide to take it.”

I’m not sure, but I thought I seen the skeletons in this game before in another game? Maybe there are similar looking assets elsewhere, but you can check out Rogue Fantasy’s official trailer below.

As of course, there are some issues with the game, but at least the devs are trying to make a decent title. If this game seems interesting to you, holds even more information on the fantasy adventure project. But, if you seek to vote for it you can do so by going over to Steam Greenlight.


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