Ruins Lands On Steam Greenlight And Seeks Votes

Bloody battles, creatures that look like they bathe in hell and horde killing can all be found in War&World’s game, Ruins. As of now, the nicely animated game is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, and will be available for PC if it gets approved.

Those who enjoy brutal combat in which results in a tumultuous aftermath will most likely find catharsis in the brutal pixel game Ruins. With lots of blood and uncanny enemies, folks will also find features like rapid tactics, role dying and a dark story.

According to the Greenlight page, rapid and unstoppable attacks will ensure your survival, unless your form is without tactics. In other words, enemies have layers to them that act like a puzzle, which means that you will need to figure each part of their puzzle to kill them, so your actually battling to a rhythm.

Moreover, health and stamina share a bar. This means that death is lurking right over your shoulder if you attack too much, or use other physical means to decimate your enemies. Although this means that you will need to balance between getting hit and hitting monsters so you won’t die quickly, it also means that when you do die it doesn’t always end in War&World’s RDG (Role-Dying Game) and could reward you with something special.

As of course, a game like Ruins would be pretty boring if it didn’t have a point behind your epic fighting and actions. In addition, the gameplay is followed by a “dark story” that sees a world without a savoir — since it’s already dead — and follows a single person trying to escape from the ill odds standing ahead.

You can check out both trailers showing Ruins’ potentials, which the first trailer reveals the game’s contents, while the second shows enemies’ behavioral patterns.

Ruins will also sport co-op play. Players can work together to escape the hell that is teasing the world to its end, or random players can test each other to a dual of death ending that player’s progress from escaping.

For more information on this game you can head on over to, or you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.


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