SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Screenshots Reveal New Features

Bandai Namco just dropped some new screenshots showing SD Gundam G Generation Genesis. Tagging along with these new screenshots is information pertaining to the features in the upcoming super mecha game. SD Gundam G Generation Genesis is set to come out for PS4 and PS Vita over in Japan, and in Asia with English subs, on November 22nd.

The latest features to hit the scene by Bandai Namco includes creating new mecha units, sub-flight mechanics, team attacks and more. Keeping things moving, the devs explained that players can now enjoy the pedigree of G Generation’s unique mecha designs. This means that you can obtain a list full of mecha and put them together to make your own unit.

Players can also level up another mecha by developing another mecha of their preference. I think that this feature is cool, because it allows you to train up your favorite mecha while leveling up another at the same time that you may not like so much.

Moreover, you can also fuse two mechas that you own to create an entirely new machine. You can exchange the mecha you posses and get Capital (money) by bartering different machines, too.

As for the sub-fight system, it is now back and usable in SD Gundam G Generation Genesis. By putting your mecha in sub-fight, not only is their range of movement increased, it allows even machines that are not adapted to whatever terrain to quickly adapt.

Those who like collecting mechas around and about, the guest system lets you fill up a “Get Gauge” that builds up by taking out enemies. When it reaches a certain amount, the guest mecha are added to your production list to create.

The last feature that was revealed is Group Attacks. This move is different from standard support attacks in that it sees battleships and Mobile Suits uniting their moves to take down enemies.

With that said, SD Gundam G Generation Genesis is set to come out for PS4 and PS Vita over in Japan, and will also release in Asia with English subtitles, on November 22nd.

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