Serial Cleaner Sees Players As A Serial Killer Cleanup Guy

I know this sounds bizarre, but a new game by developer iFun4All sees players as a serial killer cleanup guy back in the 1970’s. Taking calls and fixing up crime scenes before any cop can get to the location and bust it wide open; you will have to act swift when cleaning up red to get some green. Serial Cleaner is set to come out soon for PC.

You know what happens when things don’t go mint? Sour. In this game, Serial Cleaner, your job is to take calls from serial killers and clean their mess up. Sounds mondo? Well, the job can be a little hard if you don’t move faster than the pigs around the corner.

Serial Cleaner is all about moving fast, cleaning the bloody scene up and getting away as fast as possible:

“Serial Cleaner is a story-driven, fast-paced stealth/action game, characterized by a 1970s theme and aesthetics. You are a professional cleaner. Your job is to clean up murder scenes by disposing bodies, covering up blood stains and hiding murder weapons and other incriminating evidence.”

As grotesque as this whole thing may sound, it actually seems quite interesting as a concept for a game. It breaths life into a cold hard killing job, which is unique and strange.

The project aesthetically holds a painted paper look, that folds in with bright yet faded 1970’s colors like egg white, dulled yellow, avocado and the famous brown combination.

The official PAX West 2016 trailer accompanies the Serial Cleaner’s latest entry on Steam’s “Coming Soon” page. You can check out the trailer below thanks to iFun4all‘s channel.

No exact release date has been given as of this moment, but I’m sure the devs will update fans on the project given that the game just arrived on the “Coming Soon” page. You can learn more about Serial Cleaner by visiting


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