Stellar Overload, Planetary-Building RPG Hits Early Access Oct 12th

In just a few weeks gamers will be able to experience Cubical Drift’s Kickstarter-funded indie exploration game, Stellar Overload. The game managed to get funded to the tune of $300,000 and has slowly been making its way through the development process towards its release.

The developers recently sent out word that the Early Access phase for Stellar Overload will take place on October 12th, giving gamers just two weeks to prep for the game’s in-development release.

Stellar Overload

Michel Thomazeau, founder and CEO of Cubical Drift, commented in the press release about the upcoming Early Access phase for Stellar Overload, saying…

“The team at Cubical Drift is every bit as passionate about Stellar Overload and gaming as the community which plays our game,” “We wanted to stay true to that and tried to deliver a game that would be like us, like our vision of gaming: fun, offering freedom of action and endless possibilities.”

Previously the game was known as Planets3 or Planets Cubed, but it underwent a name change to better reflect the vision that the developers had in mind for the title.

Unlike other procedurally generated games out there, Stellar Overload isn’t just about survival. The game will have a first-person shooter mechanic at its core where players will attempt to progress through the story, exploring planets and constructing new equipment along the way.

Stellar Overload

The open-world structure is designed to give gamers a lot of freedom while also fostering their creativity. Players will be able to construct a large number of vehicles, structures, weapons and gadgets as they make their way through various planets and worlds.

You can look for the construction-based FPS title to go live next month on October 12th or you can learn more by paying a kind visit to the official website.


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