Super Rad Raygun Set To Hit Steam This November For PC
(Last Updated On: September 4, 2016)

Super Rad Raygun is bringing back the old days of gaming in the form of fighting pop stars, oil barons, Mortal Kombat rip-off characters, robot communist bears and other street punks roaming the aftermath of seemingly post-nuclear cities. All of this retro madness will drop this November for Steam.

Okay, I don’t think that a nuclear bomb went off in Super Rad Raygun, but I wouldn’t put it past ScrewAttack Games, Rooster Teeth and TRU Fun Entertainment’s work. However, there are some similar traits one would find in this game like in other arcade and Game Boy games — like global or world domination.

super rad ray game 2

If you’re looking for a game that spoofs the retro-future, then Rad Raygun’s 198X isn’t too far from you would expect…

“It is the year 198X. Big hair is hot, and the war with the Soviets is colder than a refreshing glass of New Coke. RAD RAYGUN must travel the world fighting communist robots, and save the 1980′s by shooting his way through the decade in a totally fresh, expanded version of the original XBLIG game.”

Joining the game’s puke green color scheme are hidden power-ups that help customize whatever is lacking in your inventory. These power-ups hidden throughout stages will also help with the variety of barbaric bosses, which each boss holds their own pattern that you must learn to beat them.

Instead of explaining more about this ridicules game, you can check out a trailer that runs for one minute and 15 seconds. The trailer comes in by ScrewAttacks! official channel.

As of now, Super Rad Raygun doesn’t have a real release date. Although the development team notes that it will drop this year in November, there hasn’t been a specific date as to when it will release for PC via Steam.

If you are interested in this project you can head on over to to learn more about Super Rad Raygun.

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