The Curious Expedition Graduates Early Access, V1.0 Is Now Live On Steam

One of the most recent indie games to leave Steam Early Access and enter what is known as V1.0 is Maschinen-Mensch’s The Curious Expedition. The alternate 19th century game is out now on Steam for PC with a special 15% off deal.

If alternate history is your thing, not forced spoon-fed alt history, but one that you can alter at your own pace, The Curious Expedition might be something worth checking out:

“Curious Expedition is a roguelike expedition simulation set in the late 19th century. Together with famous personalities you will venture on unprecedented expeditions to regions never explored before for fame, science and treasures.”

The game sees you as an explorer searching for new lands and goods, while taking a crew to dangerous unworldly sites that hold supernatural creatures. Additionally other extinct creatures like dinosaurs, maos and so on make an appearance in the game, which is quite interesting seeing how there are different creatures in other continents in the game.

Furthermore, the traveling method sees players trekking across a honeycomb-like structure in grid infrastructures, with each new segment appearing as a character approaches dark sectors in front of them.

In addition to the land, each tile holds unique environmental properties that affect the topography and each character for better or for worse — depending on what the tile-set spawned.

If you are wondering as to what The Curious Expedition is, the devs released a new video, after 15 months and 20 updates to leave Early Access, showing what the game is all about and more. The video below comes in courtesy of Maschinen-Mensch.

From role dice fighting, taming pets, and procedurally generated places across 19th century Earth, the devs note that mystical weapons and loot are waiting to be discovered by ambitious explorers by talking, discovering and fighting through the land.

If all of the above sounds fun, the game is out now on Steam for $14.99 and is currently running a 15% off deal dropping its initial price down to $12.74 until September 9th. For more information on this game and the devs, you can head on over to


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