Thunder Tier One Set To Land On Steam In November, 2016

From the header picture and the screenshots that are up for FragOut Studios’ Thunder Tier One make the game look like it’s a zombie survival title. Well, it’s not a part of the overly-saturated zombie cash-in crew, but more like Jagged Alliance mixed with Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Thunder Tier One is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access this November.

Those who like top-down shooters will find that most are RTS-like games and are not always in real time. If you do find one in real time they don’t sport co-op play, character/weapon customization, or other feature quite like FragOut Studios’ Thunder Tier One.

The game follows operators that are international specialist who are tasked to flush out anyone in the White Octopus organization. The terrorist group that’s threatening the global security are deadly and must be handled by the best of the best operatives.

The full description sits below, which details the game’s basic premise:

“Thunder Tier One is a top-down tactical shooter that let’s you play as tier one operator across various scenarios located all around the globe. Set in late 80s/early 90s it allows you to combine your leadership and tactical skills and contemporary equipment into an efficient war machine.”

I know that this is side-tracking from the game’s initial content and story, but I like that it takes place during the 1980’s. We rarely get to see games explore conflicts during the Korean war, or covert operations set during the 1980’s/early 1990’s. Speaking of such things brings back memories of games like Desert Strike and Red Zone.

Getting back on track, Thunder Tier One is a top-down tactical shooter that offers a Single-player story mode with 10 missions, and quick missions like Lone Wolfe and Stand Ground.

According to the game’s “About” section, the true expectations of TTO is the multiplayer setup. The game offers 4 player co-op with friends or AI, which works across PvP, PvE, Hostage Rescue, Search Party, Escape and Evade, and Team Elimination.

For more information on this game you can head on over to, or you can check out its Steam Early Access page. Before signing off, you can watch the official trailer below.


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