Tokyo 42, GTA Meets Syndicate Action Game Announced For PS4

Mode 7 and SMAC have announced a brand new game for the PlayStation 4 called Tokyo 42. You’re an assassin in a futuristic Tokyo, taking on missions from various handlers and evolving your presence in the criminal underworld.

At this year’s PAX West, the game was unveiled along with a brand new announcement trailer that features a minute’s worth of gameplay. You can check it out below via the PlayStation YouTube channel.

The game is crazy.

While it’s easy to rag on so many titles out there that seem to be regurgitating the same old, same old, here we have a game that does something completely different. It’s hard to draw comparisons to other titles, other than that it’s a little like the original Syndicate meets Hitman.

Players will travel around, interacting with the terminals, grabbing missions, attempting to kill their targets and make a daring getaway without being blasted down into smithereens.

Vehicles are also present, but as you can see in the video above, the physics look a little loose. So I tend to doubt that you’ll be relying on the vehicles for getting around the sandbox environments all that much other than when it’s absolutely necessary.

The toy box aesthetic works well. It has a smooth vibrancy to it thanks to the popping colors and soft contrasts between an eclectic palette of diverse designs.

You won’t be able to dabble your isometric desires in the destruction of neo-Tokyo anytime soon, though. Tokyo 42 won’t be made available on the PS4 until sometime in 2017. No window, no quarter, no release date… just 2017.

The feedback for the game is fairly positive so I’m looking forward to seeing more. Hopefully they learned from the mistakes of No Man’s Sky and have tempered the marketing to be more in line to the kind of gameplay experience that they can actually deliver, and not an over-hyped title that will undoubtedly leave the developers depress, sad and constantly weeping while wiping their eyes with dollar bills.

You can learn more about the “lovechild” of Syndicate and the original GTA by visiting the game’s official website.