Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Focuses On A San-Fran Hipster Villain
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

The trailer reintroduces gamers to Marcus, the main character of the game, while also giving a very cursory overview of the Dedsec hacking community. The counter-culture group is similar to the group from the movie Hackers.

The trailer highlights the upgraded, more powerful, more invasive, more evil CTOs, headed up by a game whose name sounds like “Douchebag My Man”.You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Punish, which Ubisoft let loose during this year’s Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan.

The trailer doesn’t really cover much of anything new that we didn’t already know about in previous trailers, other than giving us a look at the main villain, who seems to be one light-foam, mocha latte frappuccino away from changing his pronouns to “Xer” and “Xe”.

I don’t think they could have picked a better villain unless he had purple and green hair, problem glasses and resolved all his issues through textual violence by menacingly typing away on blogs like Tumblr.

We don’t really get to see what makes the “Douchebag My Man” so terrible outside of allowing two people to die for some reason. I’m pretty sure players will “accidentally” kill way more than two people throughout their adventures in Watch Dogs 2.

Nevertheless, I hope Ubisoft releases a trailer that gives the bad guy a little more oomph other than being a San Fran hipster we would all want to punch in the mouth. Then again, maybe that’s enough for some people? Usually I like my villains particularly nasty, or at least philosophically motivated enough to either root for them or hate them with distinct prejudice. Mild-mannered average guys as bad guys are a bad ingredient for a recipe of excitement.

Anyway, you can look for Watch Dogs 2 to launch on November 15th in North America and on December 1st in Japan for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • Bitterbear


    • C G Saturation

      The expression of a man who misplaced his razor.

  • durka durka

    To all the people that whined that Aiden Pierce and the story are dull, you are responsible for these alternative hipster fucks.

    • I get the feeling we’d get these awful hispter trashcans regardless if Aiden was boring or not. Ubisoft is very “progressive”… but sometimes they make good games. I at least have to give them props for trying some new things sometimes… more than I can say for Activision and EA this gen (or Microsoft and Capcom and Konami for that matter).

      • C G Saturation

        He’s really jumping to conclusions in assuming Ubisoft specifically made hipsters because of Aiden being crap. In reality, Western companies have been using hipsters to “appeal” to gamers for years, in ads and all that crap.

        • durka durka

          Not really, every character in that game is some alternative douchebag and only in this game.

          • C G Saturation

            Which game? I don’t like the protagonists in most games nowadays. They’re not fun or interesting. They tend to either be arrogant assholes, whiny brats or PC puppets.

      • durka durka

        I really liked far cry 4.

    • Mladen Mihajlovic

      What’s wrong with hipsters? Is it not possible to have a good game with a hipster as a good or bad guy? Do they not exist? Jeezus people will complain about everything these days.

      • I don’t think anyone has a problem with the bad guy hipster. I can’t wait to swing that billiard ball right into his nuts. Sweet justice.

      • durka durka

        “Jeezus people will complain about everything these days.”

        I knew Cheesus, before he changed to jesus and everyone complains about hipster fucks.

    • giygas

      Automatic weapons + streets of San Frandiecisscum

      What more could you want?

      • durka durka

        All your allies are hipster fags.

        • Okay, gotta disagree here. That dude with the mask that displays different ascii emotes and images? He’s pretty cool. He’s probably gonna die or turn out to be a traitor but he seems cool, though.

    • Gerg Arata

      Aidan Pierce was a poorly written boring protagonist… as long as this villain is WRITTEN well he can be a hipster or w/e

      • durka durka

        All the characters are like that in the game did you even watch the video?

    • C G Saturation

      Yeah, just like you’re responsible for Ubisoft’s downgrading and always-on DRM. Cuz it’s never Ubisoft’s fault, it has to be all ours.

      • durka durka

        Never said that, what i said was you whined about it and ubisoft punished you with hipster fucks.

        • C G Saturation

          I was being sarcastic. My point is your comment doesn’t really make sense to me. Ubisoft has already been punishing everyone with downgrades, DRM and other shit, before anyone did anything to deserve it.

          And you don’t work at Ubisoft, so there’s no way you could know if “punishing whiners” was their intent.

          No point arguing about this anyway. Ubisoft sucks. Same old, same old. I can’t remember the last time Ubisoft had a protagonist I could actually stand playing as.

          • I can’t remember the last time Ubisoft had a protagonist I could actually stand playing as.

            You didn’t like Rex “Power” Colt? How dare you!


    • Michael P

      C’mon dude, that has nothing to do with it and Ubi can do stories/villians. Vaas from Far Cry 3 was universally praised, the only real complaint being he should’ve been fleshed out and kept as the main villain. Honestly a fleshed out Vaas, coupled with the Citra ending could’ve gone down as one of the greatest story driven FPS’s of all time.

      And frankly Aiden couldn’t have been a more bland protagonist if Ubi had tried, that whole game was a cure for insomnia. I had very little interest in WD 2 but after hearing I get to kill a goony bearded San Fran looking faggot with the word ‘douche” ironically right in his name, now I’m interested.

      • durka durka

        Vaas was not even supposed to be the point of fc4, anyway, ill repeat the reason every character is a alternative hipster fuck is because the last game had boring and dull characters.

        “could’ve gone down as one of the greatest story driven FPS’s of all time.”

        Fc4 was better than 3, you know why? The missions were not scripted to death and you could actually play the way you want without qtes and the open world was fleshed out and not a boring empty repetitive add on that fc3 was, in which exporing is pointless because the game throws xp and money and free guns to you as if they doing you a favor for even bothering to play their fucking game. They assumed that gamers are retarded. Oh and the entire story of fc3 dies after vaas and the endings are horrible.

  • Gorgon

    So, wait, what’s the plot here? Interplanetary war for resources? What are these two factions and why are they fighting?