Weekly Famitsu Shows Schierke’s Magic In New Berserk Trailer

Revealing yet another video for an upcoming game, the Weekly Famitsu shows Schierke’s magic in action. Like always, Koei Tecmo has posted a video trailer for Omega Force’s Musou game, Berserk. Set to release for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on October 27th, while the West will gain the game on PC, PS4 and PS Vita this Fall.

If I recall correctly, although I haven’t read the manga in a while, I don’t remember magic being used in the world of Berserk like this. The video below reminds me more of Pang Tong from Dynasty Warriors, but that’s just me, though.

Anyways, the video that comes in by the Weekly Famitsu shows us half a minute of Schierke using AOE magic on the field to wipe out enemies quickly. A variety of magic is displayed for us to look over, which is quite different from the other bloody videos shown of the game.

For starters, we see wind magic in the form of a tornado followed by a vortex that draws enemies closer to a designated area. This move (the vortex) is later used to engulf enemies in massive flames, and then later used to drown enemies in a massive whirlpool of water. Magical moves like a column of spike rocks are shown among other moves, too.

As of course, this video of Schierke arrives after the previously shown Guts, Griffith, Judeau and Casca video trailers. The below video can be caught courtesy of Koei Tecmo‘s YouTube channel.

You know, I wish the devs would drop some information on Skull Knight or something. It would be pretty sick if he got his own video or batch of screenshots.

Anyways, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s Berserk is set to release for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita over in Japan on October 27th, while the West is set to get the game on PC, PS4 and PS Vita this Fall.


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