Zelda: Breath Of The Wild New Video Explores Cooking
(Last Updated On: September 21, 2016)

Are you curious as to how Zelda: Breath of The Wild cooking is setup? If so, there’s a new video that’s out exploring food properties and the importance of cooking, and eating in unfit locations around the mysterious world. Zelda: Breath of The Wild is set to come out in 2017, and is expected to be for the Wii U and the Nintendo NX.

I really do have my fingers crossed that this game won’t be glitchy, and soulless on release. I’m not putting the game on a golden platter only to be disappointed if it doesn’t meet certain expectations, I just want another fun Zelda game that can be played over and over.

But enough on that, the latest video that hit the tube is of cooking. At first I thought it was going to be a shallow video showing nothingness, but to my surprise the video actually revealed some complexity in the world of Breath of The Wild.

In addition to the complexity of cooking in the forthcoming Zelda game, certain areas will be too cold/hot to traverse in. This calls for cooking up a nice spicy or cold meal so that you can temporally travel the area as intended. I’m sure clothing and other magical abilities will compensate for this too, but eating comes in as another method.

Additionally, eating and the properties behind each meal will work in a number of places, but as the video progresses onward cooking isn’t a simple thing to do. Well, it’s simple but not one click and watch a cut-scene out of boredom. As the player you will need to start a fire, get a pot out, put the food in the pot and then cook it.

Cooking different foods will restore fatigue, low health and other status effects/procs.

You can check out the new video that Nintendo UK posted to their official Twitter account, which comes in by Nokcha Jung‘s YouTube channel.

Something worth pointing out that I see some folks getting uptight about, the UI for choosing weapons and other gear is most likely a place holder until development for the game becomes more stable. So it’s likely that we will see a different setup for the UI.

With that said, Zelda: Breath of The Wild is said to come out sometime next year, and is expected to drop for the Wii U and Nintendo NX.

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  • FlamingoJet

    That UI isn’t going to change folks. Don’t be counting on it.

    That’s the same UI they showed on this during their presentations at Nintendo Direct.

    In fact, they showed a lot more of the cooking system than this video has.

    • C G Saturation

      Well, I don’t care about it that much. It’s not like I’d buy the game as it is, either way. I need to know if the NX is going to suck and drown in censorship, and whether there will be a decent new Metroid. It’s the only way Nintendo can win me back as a customer.

      Besides, If I wanted to play Skyrim I can just play Skyrim.

  • scemar

    when it comes to user interfaces, I loved the Ocarina/Majora’s interface

    the shifting screens with the cool noise they made and the cubical animation, all the different categories for all the items and resources, it was just so cool

    this is the perfect chance to bring back something like that one, but perhaps without the strict grid it had back then, so it won’t be so easy to get spoiled based on item placement and slots

    cooking might be fun but it better be more than a gimmick, there’d be no point in cooking healthy healing items if the game doesn’t offer enough reasons to heal up, last zeldas were such a breeze I don’t think I ever needed to heal

    • C G Saturation

      Going from the screenshot above, the GUI kinda looks too clean and modern for a Zelda game. The font also stands out to me. But it’s simple, so it’s not too bad, I guess.

      I hate that a lot of new games have GUIs that don’t fit the general theme of the game AT ALL. Dead Space was futuristic, so it had futuristic GUIs. Then every game tried to copy Dead Space, regardless of being modern, fantasy, etc. The Tomb Raider remake’s GUI looked like it belonged in something like James Bond 2080.

  • C G Saturation

    Link looks like a Dwarf now, or something.