Alison Rapp Being Misreported, John Walker Cronyism Added To DeepFreeze
(Last Updated On: October 14, 2016)

One of the saddest things to happen this year was a torrent of articles trying to run with the harassment narrative centered around former Nintendo representative, Alison Rapp. These articles actually created an atmosphere of misinformation and spawned an attack on Nintendo that the company had to weather like a coastal town during hurricane season. Well, that kind of misinformation did not go unnoticed, and everyone involved with the deluge of articles misrepresenting the situation have been logged and filed in the DeepFreeze database.

Bone Golem, the owner of, made a post over on Kotaku in Action, highlighting that many new entries have been made in the ever-growing database that catalogs the unending growth of a digital organism known as media corruption.

The post is fairly lengthy, covering cronyism by Kirk Hamilton at Kotaku, Alec Meer from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and John Walker from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, as they promoted the game Volume, whose marketing was handled by Leigh Alexander’s Agency for Games, without disclosure.

The juicer bits are described later in the post under the Alison Rapp media blitz section, where five journalists are hit with a “Dishonesty” tab on their DeepFreeze profiles, including Jesse Singal from the New York Magazine, Alex Seedhouse from Nintendo Insider, Matthew Dunn from Australia’s, Mike Rougeau the former editor from, and Patrick Klepek from Kotaku.

The two worst offenders were Klepek and Rougeau, who crafted rather elaborate narratives around Rapp and her firing, only for Nintendo to later reveal that the actual reason Rapp was fired was due to moonlighting at a second job that did not fit in line with the company’s policy.

Rougeau’s article was off base enough that he had to change certain parts and alter the headline. The original headline read “Today Nintendo Fired a Woman For Being Viciously Harassed” while the updated headline read “Today Nintendo Fired a Woman After Months of Vicious Harassment”.

The entire media blitz tried framing the firing of Alison Rapp on #GamerGate, attempting to tie it into the narrative of the consumer revolt driving women out of the tech industry, and it spawned a near-boycott of Nintendo based on that false narrative.

In reality, all of the attention and articles about Rapp well before her firing led KiwiFarms to dig into her history, upon which the community stumbled onto information that allegedly indicated that she was an escort in the Seattle, Washington area. Some people apparently notified Nintendo about the escort gig, which led Nintendo to firing Rapp, which was their only move since prostitution in the state of Washington is illegal.

You can check out all of the most recent updates on to see what new entries have been added for game journalists and their transgressions in the realm of video game journalism.

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  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    AgeOfShitlord was from the few sites that exposed Alison Rapp for who she really is: a shameful feminazi pedophile that mocks the customers of the company she worked for.

  • Conker1985

    You’re an ignorant clown if you truly believe gamergate had zero involvement in the amount of negative attention Rapp received.

    KiA spent weeks posting about her, painting her in a bad light simply because she expressed leftist views the hive mind over there doesn’t agree with.

    The whole Rapp thing was a real eye opener as to how full of shit that entire sub really is. They’re as obnoxious and hypocritical as the social justice warriors they spend so much time bitching about.

    • What does a sub talking about someone have to do with that person needing to headline stories across the tech sector? A lot of subs talk about a lot of people, including KiA constantly talking about Hillary, Donald, Kotaku, Gawker and Nick Denton, it doesn’t mean any of those people need to become a focal point in a series of pointless articles (like Ken Bone or whatever his name is).

      GamerGhazi spends a lot of time talking bad about people they feel are on the alt-Right, and likewise none of what they discuss warrants a torrent of articles on those individuals. People have aright to talk about, criticize, praise or scrutinize people on free speech platforms. What does that have to do with turning them into a media Madonna for virtual-signaling?

  • Words cannot describe how much I loathe mainstream games media and mainstream media.

    The so-called journalists for these publications who keep on lying, bullying, falsifying, and pushing propaganda are just despicable.

    It’s simply amazing how these people have not received any kind of punishment whatsoever for their actions.