Batman: Return To Arkham Launch Trailer Finally Shows Some Improvement
(Last Updated On: October 20, 2016)

After launching in North America and ahead of the official launch in Europe this Friday on October 21st for the Xbox One and PS4, Warner Bros., Games and Rocksteady released the official launch trailer for Batman: Return To Arkham.

The trailer covers the two-game bundle pack that sees players gaining access to both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham Knight. The bundle contains all of the previously released DLC, challenge map packs and alterable costumes.

The trailer is the first time where the remastered version of the game actually looks better than the original. All the previous promo trailers showed the remastered game looking like hot trash. Check it out for yourself with the launch trailer below.

The comparison actually makes the remastered version finally look like a real remastered version… not by much, but it’s something.

Virtuous was apparently having problems optimizing the game on both the Xbox One and PS4. They cited frame-rate issues, which is why they had to downgrade the models in order to get everything running smoothly. Before snapping video images of the downgraded version Warner Bros., should have checked first before throwing out the promo trailers where it looked like the game was taken out of a PS2.5 and stuffed into a PS4 box and branded with an overly high price tag.

The details in the Joker’s face are now up to par and the lighting, draw distance and character models (save for Batman) all look pretty good.

If you already have the GOTY editions of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City on PC, it doesn’t seem like it would make a whole lot of sense to get the games again on PS4 and Xbox One unless you just desperately want to add them to your console collection.

You can grab Batman: Return To Arkham this Friday if you live in the U.K., or you can pick up a copy of the game right now if you live in North America.

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