Battlefield 1 Campaign Mode Video Encourages You To Die

You want to see 15 minutes worth of the single-player campaign mode in Battlefield 1? Well, strap in and brace yourself because it’s not a happy-go-lucky, all-American-hero type of fare. It’s a no-holds-barred, gritty, grim and unforgiving look at the first World War.

YouTuber Punish posted up the intro to the single-player campaign of Battlefield 1, introducing gamers to the first part of the campaign, which takes place in France, as a British tank operator experiences the horrors of war firsthand. The intro is only three minutes long, giving gamers a look at the tank they’ll be taking through the campaign. You can check out the video below.

The intro sets players up for the first mission… having to punch through the German lines, where the British have to get through what’s considered to be “German concrete”. The character, Edwards, must drive the tank through enemy territory toward a French town.

The clip ends just as the tank gets going, with DICE spending very little time on cinematics.

Another single-player campaign video was released, showing the frontline combat of a black soldier in frontline combat who is surrounded by enemy forces. The atmosphere and dynamics will instantly draw you in. You can check it out below, courtesy of Punish.

Interestingly enough, players aren’t expected to last long in the fight. Dying is just part of the learning curve, opposite of other tutorials where you’re punished for not living. In Battlefield 1, they literally do not expect you to live in the opening mission. If you can live… well, you’re better than most.

Surprisingly enough, DICE does a fine job of giving gamers a reality that you oftentimes don’t get in war games – the reality of death. Oftentimes in Call of Duty you’re going through and mowing down hundreds of guys with no problems, where-as here you’re just fodder, no matter how good you are.

The single-player campaign really took me by surprise, and if the whole thing plays out smart, taut and intense just like that opening tutorial, then I’ll be more than fine with that.

You can look to get in on Battlefield 1 by picking up a digital or retail copy starting October 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.


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