Battlefield 1: How To Unlock Weapons, Attachments And Quickly Level Up

With Battlefield 1 currently available on the market and tearing up the sales charts, a lot of gamers will likely want to get their hands on the title as soon as possible. For gamers who already have the game but need a little help in figuring out how to unlock their favorite weapon or unlock a new attachment or level up quickly, there are a few guides for that.

YouTuber Jackfrags kicks things off with a basic three minute video. He keeps it simple and explains all the basic details for unlocking gear in Battlefield 1. For instance, he explains that war bonds will used as currency, so you go into the class selection screen, select the class weapon loadout and you can click on the war bond symbol to unlock the weapon, as showcased in the video below.

Some weapons are only unlocked based on your class rank. You’ll need to hit a certain rank before unlocking certain weapons. You can check your rank and your progress by scoping out the top left hand corner of the screen where it’ll show your current class, its current rank, and how far you’ll need to go before ranking up.

According to the video, most guns can be unlocked for the classes if you have enough war bonds and you’re at least rank level 3. Each class has a specialty weapon that can be unlocked when you reach rank 10.

You earn war bonds by ranking up your character in the game. You’ll need to budget how you spend your bonds because they get harder to acquire the higher in level you get.

If you need help in acquiring war bonds and gaining higher levels, YouTuber PICK_SIX breaks down some easy methods in a video guide explaining how to quickly level up fast, unlock weapons and earn gadgets for all the classes in Battlefield 1.

One way of leveling up is your general soldier/combat rank. This levels up no matter what class you play or what vehicle you use. It’s your general profile rank. This goes up after each completed mission based on your performance.

You can individually level up each class by performing specific class actions, such as getting headshots for a marksman, capping flags, repairing vehicles as an engineer, or healing teammates.

According to PICK_SIX, it’s important to stick with your squad because you’re given a 1.5x multiplier for winning and her mentions that it’s important to stay to the end of the match, even if you lose because if you leave a match before it ends… you get no bonuses.

Battlefield 1

If you stick with your squad you get squad bonuses and team bonuses. So Battlefield 1 encourages and rewards teamwork.

Playing with battlepacks will also increase your war bond reward bonus, and it’s suggested to use battlepacks during double XP events to gain even more points.

He also mentions not forcing classes to perform actions they’re not designed for. For instance, using snipers in close quarters combat, or using assault classes for long-range combat. He mentions that using classes in the wrong situations will result in you dying quickly and spending (wasting) time in the respawn screen instead of earning team/squad bonuses and performance bonuses.

PICK_SIX says that you’ll likely earn more points in Conquest just because there are more points to earn from different types of actions compared to Rush mode. He mentions that Rush and Team Deathmatch are more skill-reliant when it comes to earning points, and if you’re a K/D ratio savant, you’ll earn more through Rush or Team Deathmatch. If you aren’t a K/D ratio hog, you’ll fare better with earning lots of points and war bonds in Conquest.


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