Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Gives 2016 A Well Deserved Middle-Finger
(Last Updated On: October 25, 2016)

Most normal people realize that 2016 is screwed. It’s one of the worst years ever due to media corruption. The media has made everything worse; heck, there’s even a poll to prove it. Well, Activision is no stranger to taking pop-cultural trends and injecting them into Call of Duty’s marketing. They did just that with their latest live-action trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

I don’t really like Call of Duty games because I hate the multiplayer and the campaign modes are nothing to write home about (although I did dig that trippy story in Black Ops 3), but the trailers leading up to the launch are usually pretty cool. Activision didn’t disappoint with their new live-action piece for Infinite Warfare, which starts with a bunch of ridiculous stuff being broadcast on the news, and an average dude says “Screw it, let’s go to space”.

I don’t know why but Activision dug deep into the marketing pool in Rockstar’s backyard, pulling out “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses. The first thing that came to mind was GTA: San Andreas. In fact, that song and that trailer is so iconic, let me link it for you so you can get a taste of when gamers used to be great.

Dang, those memories.

If only a publisher out there took up a caucus based on making games great again.

Anyway, the Call of Duty trailer takes the generic dude and others out into space, promoting the future warfare that Activion has been peddling for many years now.

The only thing they have going for them in the trailer is that a couple of celebrities make an appearance, but if you’re not keen on keeping up with current events you probably won’t recognize them or care.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The only real highlight of the trailer was just how much they seem to recognize that the average citizen is so freaking tired of the media, the corruption, and all the safe-space pushing, college-campus infantilization, politically correct retardation and piss-poor Presidential candidate rigmarole that has ruined any hope of 2016 being half-way decent. Sadly, it looks like things are only going to get worse.

Even Activision’s CMO Tim Ellis noticed how crappy 2016 has been, especially in regards to the media (#GamerGate tried to warn you all!), saying in the press release…

“If ever there was a year when people could use a break from the headlines for a little good old fashioned escapist entertainment, 2016 is it,”


“‘Screw It, Let’s Go To Space’ captures this feeling on a global scale and transports you into the epic gameplay and settings of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It’s a thrill ride like no other, and it’s coming November 4th.”

Anyway, if you want to turn your brain off and enjoy some good gaming, you can do so right now by actually buying some hidden gems on Steam like Wasteland 2 or Pillars of Eternity or get a few console gems like Saints Row 2 or Sleeping Dogs. Oh yeah, and if you feel like further contributing to 2016 being the cesspool of degeneracy that it is, you can pay $80 for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s deluxe edition, which comes with a remastered copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is due for release on November 4th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

For more info, feel free to visit the official Call of Duty website.

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  • durka durka

    “europe leaves the eu” hahahah i am pro eu but that was fucking hilarious.

    Who is the girl in the screenshot?

    • I don’t know. They were quickly flashing us some people (a few of whom were celebs) and I don’t know if we were supposed to know them or not.

  • eltonBorges

    What? This is the most amazing year in years! The media is clearly exposed, the highest circles of power are leaking their dirty, plenty of stuff from GG was proved again, Gawker’s troubles, and so one. It’s a busy year, but the ride never ends.

    • Arbitrary

      “The media is clearly exposed…”

      No-one in the real world cares, and nothing is changed.

      “the highest circles of power are leaking their dirty…”

      No-one in the real world cares, and nothing is changed.

      “plenty of stuff from GG was proved again…”

      No-one in the real world cares, and nothing is changed.

      “Gawker’s troubles…”

      Finally something actually good in that list of yours.

      • Alistair

        The only thing the ones in the real world cares, if it effects them.

        One day They’re favorite thing would be targeted too, then They’re care. So many front lines out there.

        If i give up gaming because of these regression left cunts, my frontline would come to a end. What incentive is for me to continue the fight against bullshit politics in games.

        Or anything that tie in with them. It’s not worth it. The MSM are fucking digging in that they’re frontline.

        MSM dug a big hole and cant accept they did wrong, so dig in further and ride it out.

      • eltonBorges

        Damn it son, that’s a damn good edge you have there.
        But no, things did change. Not in the scale some wanted, but they did.
        If the real world didn’t care about the media being a bunch of lairs they would not be doing stuff asking the public “why” live in their programs.
        And the smaller outlets would not be making the as much as they are now.
        The leaks from the highest in power will not create an uproar immediately, but it put many people in more dedicated situations. In USA you might not see this leading to anything yet, but in my country, the last president, some senators and congressman, and some of their family are in or face jail because of these types of leaks.
        GG being proved is mostly important to the people who cared about GG to begin with. And it did change how people see the plenty of things in the market. GG never had to fix the problem, but to expose it, and that was done.
        Gawker, well, I want to see were it will go.

        • This is a good video from Sargon Of Akkad which shows professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto standing up to these regressive authoritarian SJW bastards.

          He’s facing legal action because he had the temerity to speak the truth and defend free speech. And he’s willing to risk his livelihood and career to do it.

          I think we can all agree that we have the same thoughts as Peterson, judging from what he says in this video.