Check Out Battlefield 1 Weapons, Gameplay And Campaign In New Videos [Spoilers]

Making things clear right off the bat, there will be heavy amount of spoilers throughout this update on EA and DICE’s WW1 FPS game, Battlefield 1. If you do not what to see any content spoiling the game, or you want to wait to experience everything for yourself, I suggest you turn back now.

Seeing that you are still here, the new videos and information regarding Battlefield 1 spans from “Rare Weapons” skins and gameplay mechanics, to the campaign mode. This reveals a lot of the game courtesy of YouTubers PlayStationLifeStyle, JackFrags and Starsnipe – Daily Videos.

The first video runs for five minutes, and shows a bevy amount of ballistic firearms that are all custom fitted with their own respective gear in the world of Battlefield 1. As of course, the customization changes depending on the weapon that you are modifying, but that’s understandable seeing how all weapons function and look different from one another. You can check out the video below thanks to PlayStationLifeStyle.

Next up is gameplay. Jackfrags paves the way for eager fans what to expect from Battlefield 1 in its current state, and what changes have been made since the Open Beta. The video that is present above Jackfrags’ stream, is another video by YouTuber PlayStationLifeStyle. This video explains the game mode Operations.

You can check out both PlayStationLifeStyle and Jackfrags videos.

Lastly, the next and final video (or videos) can be seen by YouTuber Starsnipe – Daily Videos. He shows us all sorts of segments in the story mode, which contains the beginning part where we see a list of courageous fighters dying in an attempt to follow their orders given to them.

Additionally, these campaign videos show cutscenes and in-game sequences. Again, if you do not want to know what takes place in the story of Battlefield 1, I suggest you turn around now. If you want to know what the game offers with its campaign, then go right on ahead and peer into Starsnipe – Daily Videos‘ campaign collage.

Battlefield 1 is set to come out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21st. For those who pre-ordered EA and DICE’s latest game will receive the WW1 FPS game on October 18th. For more information on Battlefield 1 you can head on over to


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