Check Out Over 20 Minutes Of Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay In New Video

Gravity Rush 2 received some love from Sony during a live stream event that showcased over 20 minutes of gameplay. SIE Japan Studio and SIEJA latest entry into the Gravity Rush series is shaping up nicely and is planned to come out this year for PS4.

That’s right, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has released an old but new Gravity-Tsu Famitsu video for Gravity Rush 2. The archived video comes from September 15th, but now is finally up for eager fans to watch.

The live stream shows gameplay between segments of talking. Although some parts aren’t played so well, we do however get to see the game in action, and I do have to say that Gravity Rush to is looking pretty darn cool.

I like the flying or gravity bending, it looks fluid and like it doesn’t require strange control mechanics to move Kat around. The world around also seems nice and spacious so that if players want they can roam around the stage/area using their abilties, or progress through as intended.

One thing that really caught my eyes throughout the 20 minutes of gameplay was the train scene (when done correctly), and how close she just barely escaped the train from running her over. That scene seemed so gripping to watch simply because it wasn’t a timed QTE cut-scene, but the actual game in motion.

Having said all of that stuff you can watch the video below, thanks to PlayStation Japan. The first initial gameplay starts at 17:22 and ends at 21:35. The second wave of gameplay starts at 23:33 and ends at 29:46, which leaves us with the final gameplay that starts at 31:50 and ends at 41:20.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more gameplay footage of Gravity Rush 2. However, if you are like me and want to see more, the game is set to come out on November 30th in Europe, December 1st in Japan, and on December 2nd for North America and the UK.


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