Chicago Report Indicates Multiple Cases Of Postmortem Voter Fraud
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2016)

Mainstream media have been saying that voter fraud is little more than a Republican conspiracy theory. According to Vanity Fair they did a report on October 28th, 2016 stating that Donald Trump has engaged in more conspiracy theories about voter fraud. Raw Story did a similar report on October 28th, saying that the voter fraud is fake.

However, both the stories from the mainstream media have completely ignored a recent Chicago investigation by CBS that took place on October 27th, 2016, where they reported that a Chicago Board of Election history manifest overlaid with the Social Security Administration death master file revealed that more than 119 dead people have voted a total of 229 times across various districts in Chicago over the last decade since 2006.

Unless Trump and his so-called “Deplorables” are able to manipulate Social Security files and state election dockets dating back for the last decade, it almost looks like hard evidence of voter fraud.

According to an election board representative, Jim Allen, he said that these discrepancies were likely “clerical errors”, saying…

“There are just a few instances here where a father came in for a son, or a neighbor was given the wrong ballot application and signed it.”

There was one case where a man who died in 1998 voted recently in 2010. Allen had to concede that it was voter fraud.

Allen tried to state that 60,000 dead voters were culled from rolls over the last decade, but CBS’ investigation revealed that multiple instances of recent votes being cast by dead people proves otherwise.

Either we’re dealing with voter fraud or zombie voters.

However, this story isn’t so special nor unique as we head into the upcoming election. More voter fraud was reported in Atlanta, Georgia recently, and again across 56 counties in Indiana, which came after a police sting. This all comes on the heels of a New York Board of Election Commissioner admitting that lots of voter fraud has taken place at the behest of Democrats in New York City.

Sadly, there have been no follow-up investigations into the matter by the Department of Justice, and the media continues to extol misinformation and redirection by saying that voter fraud isn’t happening at all.

(Main image courtesy of AMC’s The Walking Dead)

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  • Alistair

    It only 2 weeks or so, the election is too close to called.

    So i cant predict who going to win, Clinton is still favorite to win in the Polls.

    Im going to be blunt Im going to guess Clinton will Win.

    Why each Clinton and Trump has issues right, her with the Emails and Him with those sexist tapes.

    Also Trump for me is a lose cannon, I still do no know what his Views on Video games billy.

    I do know his Taxes advoidence been in the News here in UK. That is rather worrying. And extreme views on race.

    Clinton hasn’t got that she got those Emails and her extreme views on video games.

    You dont need to be a genius to work it out.

    Do you vote of the two with less baggage (Clinton) Or take a risk with more baggage (Trump)

    Because over the weeks and past months, i seen and heaerd the result isn’t clear cut No more.

    That my gut feeling billy. It be a real shocker i wake up on 9th of November and a lesser party that too Hasn’t said about video games Wins instead.

    It such a pity Obama doesn’t continue to put his name forward to be Re-elect Like in UK. Just think of all the less hassle it will be. lol.

  • C G Saturation

    B, but Obama said that’s impossible!

    Meanwhile, all the major social media sites are reportedly suppressing the new FBI investigation against Clinton. I may have already commented that.

    YouTube reportedly keeps undoing downvotes and removing negative comments on pro-Hillary videos, and WikiLeaks has also tweeted that #GoHillary is a fake trend created by Twitter’s owner.

    The corruption never ends! Until Trump drains the swamp, anyway.

    Rumors from NYPD sources imply that what they found from Abedin/Weiner shows HIllary’s involvement in an international child sex slave ring… which is still completely acceptable by SJW standards, seeing as how they’ve been spending so much time defending, justifying and even enlisting convicted pedophiles. To them, it was okay for Bill to do it, and Hillary is his wife – a female – which automatically makes it doubly okay.

    Whether all this stuff is true or not, time will tell. This whole situation is more interesting than recent Hollywood movies.

    • This is more sordid than a porno parody of Maury’s.

      • C G Saturation

        If we ever make it out of this unscathed, one good thing that came out of all this is we now know who not to trust because they eagerly outed themselves by openly defending all the corruption.

        • anopolis

          I think its funny how many people in d.c, , and both clintons. are being taken down because of a “wiener” ….both clintons…by a wiener…haaaaaa…